The ’90s

10 Amazing, Shocking Unscripted Moments From ’90s MTV

Though the channel debuted in the early ’80s, MTV really found its groove in the ’90s when it still balanced music coverage with its burgeoning original reality, comedy, and animated programming. Because we can’t resist looking back fondly on the wild and wacky on-air incidents that shaped our adolescence, here are ten mind-blowing moments from MTV’s second decade that make us pine for those halcyon off-the-wall… Read More

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15 Movies From the ’90s That Were Nostalgic for the Past

Sure, we can’t get enough of ‘90s nostalgia these days. But while we’re remembering all of our cool toys, our favorite Nickelodeon cartoons, and the now-discontinued cereals, it’s wise to think back to the baddest decade ever and remember that the ‘90s were actually nostalgic for previous decades. Take, for instance, these 15 movies: hardly just period pieces, these films made their respective past settings into characters of their own. … Read More

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Watch a PSA Some ’90s Kids Made About the Internet

We have to thank The Daily What for tipping us off to this glorious, and oddly prescient, time capsule: a PSA created by a group of fifth-graders from Montana back in 1995 to extoll the virtues of the Internet. Considering that they were probably using dial-up modems in order to get online and search for such wonders as “soccer scores for a team in Italy” and “a recipe for cat food cupcakes,” it’s kind of amazing how enthusiastic they were about the whole thing; we can’t help but wonder if they still love the Internet as much today, now that everyone really is on it. Or perhaps we’re overthinking a clip that should be celebrated for its inclusion of a denim hat alone? … Read More

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Video of the Day: If Pinterest Were Invented in the ’90s

Thanks to Squirrel Monkey, we’ve already seen what Facebook would have looked like if it were invented in the ’90s. Now, Laughing Squid just tipped us off to the fact that they’re back with a hilarious new clip that imagines what Pinterest might have looked like if it had launched as a “digital pinboard magazine” delivered to you every two months on CD-ROM. Spoiler alert: All of the inspirational photos that people “pinned” would have been really, really hideous. Like, denim overalls sans shirt hideous. Click through to experience the ’90s train wreck for yourselves. … Read More

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Intimate Travel Photographs of '90s Soviet Youth

Photographer Bertien van Manen took these bright, rich, personal portraits of people she met travelling through Russia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tatarstan, and Georgia in the 1990s. Now on display at Foam gallery in Amsterdam, Manen’s series is entitled Let’s Sit Down Before We Go. The title refers to an old Soviet custom — right before one leaves for a long journey, before heading off to a train station or an airport, they must sit quietly for a few moments and reflect on where they’re coming from and where they’re going. It looks like Manen has done this quite a few times. She made friends along the way, bouncing from city to city, home to home, capturing saucy teenagers enjoying a furtive smoke in an Odessa park at night, a young man huddled in an empty cinema in Novokuznetsk, and whatever scene effortlessly unfolded before her. Page through her captivating photo album in our slideshow. … Read More

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Video: Wake Up and Smell the ’90s

“Honey, it’s the ’90s, remember? Microchips, microwaves, faxes, air phones … ” says Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) to hubby and action god John McClane (Bruce Willis) in Die Hard 2. Indeed it was. It’s Hammer time to stroll down memory lane with some of TV and film’s most memorable characters from the ’90s in this new supercut from Everything is Terrible. The ’90s was no time to play hero, you could be anything you wanted to be, and nobody was getting laid — at least according to these guys. Check it. … Read More

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‘My So-Called Life’ Characters: Where Are They Now?

Oh, Angela Chase. No one — truly, no one — has been able to wear the scrunchy-faced angst of teenage girlhood quite like her. With her philosophizing voiceovers that constantly walked the line between profoundness and self-absorption, the too-believable My So-Called Life star and her arguably even more lovable cast of friends, enemies, and, well, Brian Krakows were some of the ’90s finest creations. Sure, sometimes MSCL got a little preachy, but the beauty of the show is that it was unafraid to just do high school: no exuberant wealth, no too-attractive 30-year-old stars, no tiptoeing around ugliness. The gang was made of living, breathing high schoolers we could identify with.

The cult favorite was canceled after just 19 episodes, and we doting fans never got to know what happened to our  friends over at Liberty High when they finally grew up. But the injustice ends here: check out where we think they’d be today below. … Read More

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44 Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan may be known by modern-day tweens as a borderline weirdo who dates the likes of Jessica Simpson, maintains an inter-spiritual website, and does stuff on Twitter (but, hey, what sentient being doesn’t do that, from a tween’s point of view?), yet back in the ’90s, Corgan was renowned for making great music as the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins — a band that is currently in the process of releasing an 11-EP magnum opus called Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. Today is Corgan’s 44th birthday, and to both celebrate and educate we bring you 44 facts about his life. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Everyone seems pleased by how not boring last night’s Emmy Awards were. Especially this opening number featuring Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, Joel McHale, Jorge Garcia, and the cast of Glee. Also worth watching: Jimmy’s farewell in song to the shows we lost: 24, Lost, and Law… Read More

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The Most Embarrassing Toy Crazes of the Past 50 Years

It’s no secret that children have ridiculously bad taste. They wear towels as capes, favor pigtails with scrunchies, and worship at the altars of false pop idols. They talk to their stuffed animals. They eat pasta with butter – exclusively. At least we did. So it’s not too surprising then that in the last 50 years there have been a lot of really tacky gift crazes catering to that most tasteless of all age groups.

Check out our list of the ten most retrospectively embarrassing toys — each of these was a top seller at Christmas — if not the top seller — and each makes us cringe deeply when we think about how badly we (or our parents) wanted them. What were we… Read More

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