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10 Kids TV Shows That Need to Make a Comeback

In a welcome response to ’90s nostalgia, PBS recently hinted that Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? could be coming back to TV. It’s exciting to think that a whole new generation of kids will be introduced to a show that made so many of us genuinely excited to learn. This got us to thinking about other shows from our childhood that could benefit from the recent wave of nostalgia. Here are ten picks from yesteryear that are also ripe for a revival. … Read More

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The 9 Best Insults from '90s Kids' TV Shows

Nineties kids’ TV shows had way sassier insults than any other decade, and we’re here to highlight the best of the best. Name calling? Check. Inappropriate “whore” puns? Double check. After the jump, we’ve unearthed ten classic zingers from Boy Meets WorldSalute Your ShortsClarissa Explains it All, and more. Of course, some shows had more wisecracks than others (here’s looking at you, Pete & Pete), but we’ve done our best to gather nine great one-liners from nine nostalgia-inducing live action series. Check ’em out after the jump, and feel free to insult us in the comments using the insults we missed. … Read More

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The Most Hilariously Humiliating Uniforms on Film and TV

Have you ever had to dress like a banana for your family’s business? Or like a pirate to deliver a clamwich? Or like an omelet because you’re Justin Timberlake? Every now and then, our favorite film and TV characters will find themselves with some truly unappealing occupations. Whether it’s flipping burgers at a themed fast food joint or gathering golf balls at a driving range, these fictional work situations typically involve greedy bosses, rude teenagers, and — of course — embarrassing uniforms. Check out a collection of awesomely awful film and TV uniforms after the jump, then hit the comments to let us know your favorites. … Read More

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10 Totally Slammin’ TV Bands from the ’90s

There’s no denying that ’90s television was chock-full of dope fictional bands, and it’s about time we cranked up our nostalgia and got jiggy with the fake musical groups of yesteryear. Some were boy bands, others were punks, but most just settled into their oversize, unwashed flannel shirts with some bangin’ alt-rock vibes. Remember that time Little Pete and meter-man Mel formed the Blowholes? Or when Doug and Skeeter ran into the Beets at the Honker Burger? What about that time Jordan Catalano, like, serenaded Angela Chase with that song written about her hair, or something? …Not! (Hold up, did we even use that right? It’s been a while.) Regardless, check out some totally fake ’90s TV bands after the jump, home-skillets. They’ve missed you. … Read More

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Video of the Day: ‘Adventures of Pete & Pete’ Cast Reunion

For many children of the ’90s, Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete was the first truly bizarre TV show we ever loved. As a result, it’s made a sizable impact on our generation’s collective consciousness. So we were pretty jealous when we read about the Pete & Pete reunion that went down last weekend at Los Angeles’s Cinefamily, bringing together the show’s cast and creators for the first time in 15 years. Thankfully, there’s video. About 95 minutes of it, even. Big Pete, Little Pete, Artie, and the twisted minds behind the show reflect on their quasi-surrealist masterpiece, which the creators say was an attempt to depict the strangeness of growing up from a kid’s perspective. We have only one gripe: Where’s Ellen? Oh, and be warned — there’s a whole lot of intro before the panel takes the stage almost 12 minutes into the first clip. … Read More

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FlavMD: Diagnosing 10 Quirky Kids’ Characters

Have you ever wondered if The Count’s extreme affinity for counting stems from a numeral-based neurological condition? Or if Belle from Beauty and the Beast really just had Stockholm Syndrome? Sometimes, kids’ film and TV characters are just plain diagnosable.  Not in a bad way — just in a way that, if these characters existed in real life, their quirkiest qualities might be explained by a few fascinating syndromes and conditions that most of us never knew existed. We decided to channel our inner Lucy van Pelt, check out a few quirky characters’ symptoms, and lightheartedly diagnose them with some of the world’s most peculiar conditions. Read on for some foreign accents, sun-sneezes, and blue people; the doctor is in. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we enjoyed this thoughtful analysis of Miss Piggy’s style evolution by our dear friends the Fug Girls. We wished that we’d been at the recent Adventures of Pete and Pete reunion at Cinefamily in LA. We read Leonardo da Vinci’s to-do list from the late 1490s.… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Here is the full music video for “Countdown.” As expected, Beyoncé‘s baby bump totally steals the show — which is really saying something.

2. Johnny Depp has plans to produce a film about Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, and word is that he’d like to play the beloved writer as well. Given… Read More

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Why Resurrecting ’90s Nickelodeon Is a Bad Idea: A Polemic

There are some opinions that are so unpopular to express that they’re essentially one-way tickets to social exile. Hating baby animals, for one. Wishing cookies were never invented. Thinking Gigli is a good movie. Today, though, I bite my tongue no longer on one of the big ones.

After the announcement that Nickelodeon is resurrecting All That, The Amanda Show, and a few other classics for late-night reruns, I’m coming out with my true feelings: the celebratory orgy for this revival is misguided. Nineties Nickelodeon shows were good fun and all, but bringing them back could destroy the value they have left for the current, 20-something generation of couch potatoes. After the jump, check out three key reasons why resurrecting ’90s Nick is a bad idea, and feel free to relieve your daily tomato-pelting urges in the comments. … Read More

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’90s Nickelodeon Stars: Where Are They Now?

[Editor’s note: Flavorwire is counting down our most popular features of 2010. This post comes in at position number 3It was originally published June 3, 2010.] It’s been a nostalgic week for us at Flavorpill. A post devoted to ten child stars to follow on Twitter got us thinking about what ever happened to all the kid actors we used to love on classic Nickelodeon shows. Are the All That kids still comedians? Does the Roundhouse gang still sing and dance? What are Alex Mack and Sam from Clarissa Explains It All up to in 2010? Remember Hey Dude? After the jump, we answer all those questions and many, many more. … Read More

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