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10 Movies We Can’t Wait to See at SXSW 2013

A confession: nothing against Sundance or any of our other regulars, but SXSW is probably our favorite film festival to attend. The warm weather is a nice respite from late-winter NYC, there’s a relaxed and chatty vibe in the lines, and Tex-Mex and BBQ are always within reach. Oh, and the movies are great. If you’re headed down to Austin, we’ve got plenty of cool events for you to check out. And for those of you who plan to spend your days shotgunning as many movies as possible, here are a few of the flicks we’re eager to take… Read More

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‘Panto’N’Roll’: Rock’s Most Colorful Songs Illustrated With Pantone Swatches

“You know you enthrall me and yet you don’t call me / It’s making me blue, Pantone 292,” sing The Magnetic Fields on “Reno Dakota.” Of course, the relationship between music and Pantone’s increasingly fetishized pigments isn’t usually that literal. But Paris-based creative studio Chic & Artistic has united the two worlds once again, in a series called Panto’N’Roll, which uses Pantone swatches to represent classic songs like “Purple Rain” and “Yellow Submarine.” Click through to see the designs, which we discovered via It’s Nice That, and visit Chic & Artistic‘s website to learn more about their work. … Read More

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What Your Favorite Record as a Kid Says About You Now

Does music make the man? Or does it maybe just influence him a little? Yesterday, the folks over at A.V. Club recommended a few albums meant to positively (whatever that means) influence kids’ future music tastes, and we got to thinking about our favorite records as children and young teenagers and the impact they might have had on our current personalities — for good or ill. After the jump, we’ve collected a few of our (wildly subjective, tongue-in-cheek) conclusions. So read on to find out what your favorite record as a youngster says about you now, and let us know if we’ve got your number — or if we’re way off base — in the comments. … Read More

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The Wackiest Conspiracy Theories from the World of Music

A couple of weeks back, we surveyed some fascinating conspiracy theories about literary characters. The idea has got us thinking about similar whisperings which hail from a place where truth is often stranger than fiction: the music industry! Click through and read some of the most weird and wonderful conspiracy theories the world of music has thrown up over the years, and let us know if you have any to… Read More

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Sundance 2013: Dave Grohl, on Making Films and Music: “I Fake All of These Things”

PARK CITY, UTAH: Dave Grohl is the first one to tell you that he is not a filmmaker. And yet, here he is at Sundance, chatting up the documentary Sound City, which marks his directorial debut. “I don’t even know what directing means,” he laughed at a press conference Monday. “I’m not a director. I’m not a drummer. I’m not a guitar player. I fake all of these things. I never took lessons to do any of this shit. I don’t know — I can’t read music. I hold my drumsticks backwards. I don’t know what a director is. But I do know, if you sit down with a clear idea of what you want to do, if it’s in your head and you can actualize it or visualize it… well, then, you wind up with something that makes sense.” … Read More

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Musicians and Their Private Jets: A Timeline in Photos

Whenever we watch any sort of Rolling Stones documentary, there’s almost always footage of the band frolicking around their personalized private jet with a half dozen half-naked girls. Inspired by such a display, we’ve created a timeline of famous musicians who have been photographed with (and aboard) their very own private planes. Let it be known — as time progresses, the photos aren’t as cool (and neither are the musicians, really), but go ahead and check ‘em out anyway. Click through for our Flavorwire roundup of musicians and their private jets, then hit the comments to lend us your thoughts. … Read More

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Photos of Famous Musicians Playing in the Snow

If that was winter, we guess it’s pretty much over, which is depressing news for those of us who actually enjoy the snow (and for anyone worried about, y’know, global warming and the future of the planet.) We’re already looking wistfully back at the photos we published a couple of weeks back of famous authors playing in the snow, and we thought we’d follow up today with similar images of musicians. These were somewhat more difficult to track down — a legacy, perhaps, of the fact that musicians as a whole aren’t exactly noted for being outdoor types — but still, there’s plenty of snow-related musical imagery to be found if you look hard enough. So click through and try to ignore the fact that if these crazy warm summers are anything to go by, these sorts of pictures are probably gonna be the only way to see snow in a few years’ time. Huzzah. … Read More

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Newly Published, Never-Seen Photos of The Beatles

New York City-based photographer Henry Grossman shot The Beatles extensively in the mid-60s, covering their initial 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, visiting them on the set of Help! in The Bahamas and Austria, and even venturing into their homes to capture a few rare moments of downtime. Now, he’s making many of his photos available to the public for the first time.… Read More

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Celebrities and the Countries From Which They’ve Been Banned

Once upon a time, two of your doting Flavorpill staffers were banned from a “ruin pub” in Hungary. The whole debacle was a bit of a silly misunderstanding, but hey — at least we weren’t banned from the entire country, eh? The same can’t be said for the following celebrities, who have somehow landed themselves on a handful of nations’ naughty lists. We’ve got everyone from drug addicts to human rights activists to drug rights activists. Check ‘em out after the jump, and hit the comments to tell us your thoughts and dreams. … Read More

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