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Jack White Apologizes to Every Artist He’s Ever Mentioned, Blames “Tabloid Journalism”

Over the last couple weeks, Rolling Stone has teased out its cover story on Jack White shamelessly. Multiple news stories emerged on the RS site, touting “scandalous” quotes from White’s interview. Perhaps you saw the tidbit in which he bemoans Meg White’s hermit tendencies and lack of encouragement (“She’s one of those people who won’t high-five me when I get the touchdown”), or his claims that The Black Keys ripped him off, though his feelings on the latter are nothing new following ugly emails that leaked last year. Over the weekend White condemned what he feels is “tabloid journalism,” posting an apology letter on his website. In his explanation, White chides the non-apologies made by artists to cover their asses after they’ve swiftly stuck a foot in their mouth — while simultaneously apologizing to every artist whose name has passed through his own lips alongside his foot. … Read More

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Don’t Fear the Middlebrow: The Black Keys’ ‘Turn Blue’

Somewhere between the rise of Pitchfork and poptimism becoming de rigueur in our genre-agnostic listening culture, middlebrow music became the guiltiest pleasure. Even among the most rockist music fans, it has become socially acceptable to praise Kesha or to unironically place a Rihanna song on a party playlist. The idea, it seems, is that a bit of junk-food pop is part of a healthy diet, nestled next to “challenging” and “serious” artists — the musical equivalent of brain-fueling superfoods. So where exactly does that leave the musical equivalent of a Chipotle burrito? Like, say, The Black Keys, whose new album Turn Blue is out this week? … Read More

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The Black Keys Discuss Stephen Colbert’s Prostate and Perform “Fever” on ‘The Colbert Report’

Last night, The Black Keys brought “Fever” to the Colbert Report in a mild-mannered set. The song, a perhaps-too-fitting addition to… Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Charlize Theron

Welcome back to SNL, Charlize Theron. It’s only been almost 14 years since we last saw you at Studio 8H. The Monster star is known for her dramatic parts, but her comedic role as a stunted writer in Jason Reitman’s Young Adult was convincing, impressive, and hilarious — despite her nauseating character’s antics. We hope to see similar comedic subtleties in her performance tonight. Next week, Andy Samberg returns to his stomping ground to close out the show’s 39th season. For now let’s indulge in a little Theron gone wild. … Read More

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Elegant Retro Redesigns of Contemporary Album Covers

We do like a good redesigned cover or two here at Flavorwire, and we also like a bit of retro design action, so we were delighted when we spotted these redesigned covers for classic albums at The Design Blog. They’re the work of Brazilian designer Rodrigo Maia — the idea behind them is to marry contemporary album covers to a jazz-era cover art aesthetic, and they work a treat. … Read More

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Photo Highlights From the 2012 Global Citizen Festival

Yesterday, over 60,000 people gathered at Central Park for the Global Citizen Festival, a massive outdoor concert thrown by the Global Poverty Project, an organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty across the world. Festival-goers were treated to performances from K’naan, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse, with a surprise appearance by John Legend, who sang just one song: John Lennon’s “Imagine,” in addition to presentations from speakers like Olivia Wilde, Katie Couric and Jeffrey Sachs and short films about the issue of the day. It was a fantastic festival for a very worthy cause. Our intrepid photographer, Gabriela Arp, documented the day — click through to check out her photographs, and if you were there, share your experience in the comments! … Read More

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