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The 10 Greatest Fictional School Principals

This week marks the premiere of Girls Meets World, the sequel of sorts to beloved TGIF staple Boy Meets World. While most of Boy Meets World‘s original fans won’t translate to the Disney Channel redux — featuring Cory, Topanga, and their tween daughter Riley in the lead role — the mere creation of Girl Meets World has sparked a renewed interest in its predecessor, 14 years after its ending. … Read More

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The Real Places Where John Hughes’ Movies Were Shot

Anyone familiar with the filmography of the late John Hughes has heard and seen quite a bit of Shermer, Illinois, the North Shore suburb of Chicago where many of his films were set. However, as Jay and Silent Bob found out in Kevin Smith’s Dogma, Shermer isn’t a real place at all — it was a fictional suburb created entirely by the filmmaker. “The whole notion of Shermer came out of that heterogeneous kind of society, very extreme,” Hughes explained in a 1999 interview. “I mean, at one point I went from a school with 1100 students to one with thirty. I remember this one kid, an eighth-grader, who had his teeth rotted out. Eighth grade. It was like Deliverance. But then at the same time, you’d have the richest kid in town in your school as well, so even in this tiny setup, you had both ends of the economic spectrum, real extremes. I’ve always wanted to write a history of Shermer, because it’d be kind of the history of postwar America. Haven’t got around to it yet, though.”

Unfortunately, he never did. But Shermer has remained a point of fascination for Hughes fans and ’80s kids, and recently, film critic and Hughes enthusiast Brian Orndorf took a pilgrimage to the Chicago area to seek out the sights and sounds of Shermer. He’s posted photos of the locations from several Hughes films, as they are today, on his blog (along with stills of comparable shots from the film). After the jump, we’ve collected a few of our favorites; check out all of them here. … Read More

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Classic Movie Scenes Recreated Around the World

We’re officially obsessed with “movie mimicking,” an ongoing project by world traveler and film fanatic Allen Fuqua, which we first spotted over at My Modern Met. In the photo series, Fuqua goes to far-off countries and takes pictures of himself and his friends standing in for the actors in his favorite films, the shots recreated almost perfectly. The results are amazing — there’s something wonderful about realizing that some of the places inexorably connected to our favorite movies actually exist, and the juxtapositions tap into our subconscious memories in an incredibly satisfying way. Click through to see some of our favorites from Fuqua’s series, and then be sure to check out his website for even more from the project. … Read More

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Ranking Pop Culture’s Imaginary Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Have you ever had a fake boyfriend or girlfriend? Y’know, someone who spontaneously sends you flowers, chocolates, letters, and all that lovey-dovey stuff, but actually doesn’t exist? If you’ve had one, don’t feel too embarrassed. After all, everyone from Jan Brady to Napoleon Dynamite has succumbed to the odd urge to fabricate a relationship as to impress those around them. After the jump, we’ve gathered nine imaginary boyfriends and girlfriends from pop culture and rated ‘em from worst to best. So, if you’re in the market for a new, exciting fake romance, click through to see what we’d consider somewhat acceptable. … Read More

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Jason Reitman to Direct a Celebrity Reading of ‘The Breakfast Club’

This Thursday Film Independent and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) launches their new Film Independent at LACMA series, which brings together filmmakers, artists, and more for a series of special guest-curated programs — ” … presenting cinema in an artistic and historical context.” The latest program will host Jason Reitman who will direct a live reading of John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. The Juno director recently announced on Twitter that Patton Oswalt would be taking on the role of Brian Johnson, Anthony Michael Hall’s character who had a penchant for flare guns. The Office’s Mindy Kaling takes on the curiously quiet Allison, while Spider-Man 2 star J.K. Simmons will read the part of school janitor (and blackmailer) Carl. Reitman is expected to announce other cast members this week, but for now the rest remain a mystery. The event will be a really cool opportunity to see Hughes’ beloved 1985 classic in a new light and performed more spontaneously. Visit the official event site for further details, and click through to head back to high school detention. … Read More

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The 10 Best Love Songs From ’80s Movies

Everyone needs a little ’80s cheese in their lives. We’ve been feeling a little let down by the love songs in movies these days, so we decided to go back to the good stuff and chronicle our list of the top ten best love songs in ’80s movies, from those tantalizingly passing snatches in the background to full on film themes. We expect a little contention about our list — after all, dear readers, we know how strong your feelings are about ’80s movies, so let us know which of your favorites we’ve neglected in the comments. So much Molly Ringwald after the jump. … Read More

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Video of the Day: The Original Breakfast Club Movie Trailer

Man, they don’t make movie trailers like they used to. If the original trailer for The Breakfast Club is any indication, back in the ’80s even high school clique dramedies got the Star Wars intro treatment, with starry skies and a deep, commanding voice echoing through your television screen. This clip is also charming, self-effacing and effective all at once — especially compared to today’s super sleek, oversaturated trailer clones. Click through to watch the original 1985 trailer for John Hughes’ perennial classic, The Breakfast Club. Trust us, it’s even better than you remember. … Read More

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Gallery: Art Inspired by John Hughes Films

Yesterday we told you about The Great Showdowns, a wonderful new show at the pop culture-infused Gallery 1988. Though the competition is stiff, our favorite of Scott C’s movie-inspired paintings may very well be his rendering of the detention kids and Mr. Vernon from The Breakfast Club. That’s not all the only treat the gallery has for fans of the late writer/director John Hughes, however. This Friday, their Venice location opens a new exhibit, The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes, in which 50 artists celebrate the Hughes canon. To the press release: “By reinterpreting his films, characters, icons or style, each artist has created paintings, sculptures, plush or prints – all inspired by one of the best filmmakers of our generation.” We’ve got seven of our favorites after the jump; the exhibit runs from February 11 to March 4. … Read More

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Design Porn: Pop Culture-Inspired Cross Stitch

Needlepoint samplers and cross stitching. Once the sole domain of grandmothers everywhere, now a whole new avenue where crafty pop culture enthusiasts can celebrate their obsessions while creating decorative art. Not the results are always wall-worthy, but when they are, it’s pretty magical. Click through for some of the best examples of pop culture-inspired cross stitch that we could find, and let us know which work is your favorite. … Read More

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Does a Green Light for Hughes Doc Mean Absolution for John Hughes?

Variety reports that Don’t You Forget About Me, the documentary with the central question of “What ever happened to John Hughes?”, has been picked up by Alliance Films of Montreal. In what must be a bittersweet turn of events for director Matt Austin-Sadowski, it took the late filmmaker‘s sudden death last week for the project to finally gain attention, and now, a distributor.

The documentary is only one of several nostalgic remembrances of Hughes that have come to light recently. One blogger wrote about being pen pals with Hughes as a high schooler. In the Wall Street Journal, Jovi Juan looked back on Sixteen Candles, which was filmed next-door to the house he grew up in. It’s not surprising that so many people had personal connections to Hughes, a man whose stock-in-trade was not the dastardly machinations that pass for high school drama on Gossip Girl, but old-fashioned high school… Read More

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