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A Selection of Hip-Hop Albums You Can Bring Home to Mom

No matter your parents’ political persuasion, hip-hop can be a hard sell when it comes to co-opting the stereo at home — liberally inclined parents will complain about the genre’s perceived misogyny, glorification of crime, and naughty language, while conservatives will rant and rave about… well, basically the exact same things, albeit for different reasons. Still, with the release of The Roots’ undun this week, we got to thinking about hip-hop that can help change — or at least — challenge these broad conceptions. Here’s a few of our picks. If your parents aren’t quite ready to embraced the Based God quite yet, you can get them started with the records you’ll find after the jump. … Read More

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5 Albums to Stream for Free This Week: Cool Kids, Crystal Antlers

Over the weekend, we read an interesting and rather sensible opinion piece about the record industry’s recent false dawn — basically, the gist of the article was that a slight increase in record sales of late doesn’t in any way change the fact that the major labels’ redundant business model is still on its way down the shitter. Or, as the author put it, “we live in a streaming world.” And on that note, here’s our selection of five of the best albums streaming on the web this week, all for absolutely no money at all. Yay! … Read More

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Early Morning Music News Roundup: T.I., Diplo, The Cool Kids, M.I.A., Of Montreal, Jackson 5

T.I. casts first vote ever: He spends his time convincing 18-year-olds to exercise their finally-attained right to vote, but last week rapper T.I. led by example thanks to a loophole in the law. He was recently charged with felony convictions, but because he isn’t slated to go to prison till next year and isn’t currently… Read More

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