The Dark Knight Rises

Zoë Kravitz Was Too “Urban” for ‘Dark Knight Rises’


If you’ve seen much of Zoë Kravitz’s work—as one of the escaping women in Mad Max: Fury Road, as the around-the-way girl in Dope, as the moral compass of Good Kill, or as Christina in the Divergent movies—it’s hard to imagine how any moviemaker wouldn’t want to cast her. But in a new interview in Nylon (via THR), Kravitz tells a rather shocking story about why she couldn’t land an audition in one of the decade’s biggest blockbusters:
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Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked


This weekend, something like $50 million worth of sci-fi fans, celluloid fetishists, and McConnaissance true believers who don’t mind movies where their savior is wearing a shirt will take in Interstellar, the ninth film from indie-darling-turned-brand-name Christopher Nolan. Of course, a healthy fraction of that opening-weekend gross will be attributable to visits by the Nolanites, the rabid fans who devour all of his work with borderline-religious fervor. So, where does Interstellar fall among the oeuvre so far? My current power ranking follows; your mileage may (and, considering the subject, almost certainly will) …Read More