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10 Memorable Moments From Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch’s Career

Elaine Stritch might be Broadway’s greatest living legend. At 89 years old, the star has appeared on international stages in classic productions of Company, Bus Stop, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and Mame, as well as a popping up in acclaimed performances in Woody Allen’s September and as Jack Donaghy’s mother on 30 Rock (a role for which she won an Emmy). Today sees the release of a documentary about her long, storied career called Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me. A loving and touching portrait of the actor as she looks back at her life’s work and prepares to retire to her hometown of Detroit, the film features interviews from frequent collaborators and friends such as Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, John Turturro, and the late James Gandolfini. To celebrate the release, here’s a look back at some of the best moments from her versatile career on stage and screen. … Read More

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25 Great Sitcoms You Can Watch Right Now on YouTube

A few weeks back, we pointed you in the direction of some great movies streaming free on YouTube. Now, if you wanna watch free TV online without a Netflix or Hulu Plus membership, the proposition gets a little trickier — those copyrights are guarded a bit more zealously, and the viewing experience can be, to put it charitably, spotty. That’s why sitcoms are so good for YouTube viewing; as long as you have a passing familiarity with the characters, it’s easy to sample an episode here and there on a lunch break and not have to worry about serialized arcs and continuity issues. Here are some of the best sitcoms in television history that have at least a handful of episodes on… Read More

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What’s Wrong With the Dirty, Old Betty White?

Betty White has become a national treasure in the last few years, possibly because, despite her age (she’s currently 91), she seems to have the presence of mind to deliver lines and, you know, stand upright on her own. It’s a rarity for an elderly performer to achieve such hero status (especially a female entertainer), which is what makes White such a refreshing actress: she appeals more to female and gay audiences then your typical white, straight American males. Moreover, her most frequent bits as of late — the ones that are written for her, of course — are heavily sexualized, featuring tongue-in-cheek innuendos and double entendres. But is the sexualization of the nonagenarian evidence of our culture’s exploitative obsession with turning sex into a big joke? … Read More

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10 TV Cliques We’d Like to Hang With

One of the qualities of a good hang-out show is getting to live vicariously through the crazy adventures of a group of friends that are far cooler than we’ll ever be, for their quick-witted banter, complex schemes, unlimited brunch/booze budget, and ability to sleep with one another without getting weird. And because Happy Endingsone of the most underrated hang-out shows on TV, in our opinion — is returning tonight, we decided to pay tribute to some of the most awesome friends in TV history. Is there a clique you would like to hang (or not hang) with? Let us know!  … Read More

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10 Pop Culture Characters Addicted to Sweets

Even though Murphy Brown never trusted Girl Scouts, because they “wear paramilitary uniforms while reciting oaths and starting fires,” we’re still celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Week (an event that should be year-long, really). With sugar on the brain and woefully empty pockets, we’re looking at pop culture characters in film and television that are addicted to sweets. Yes, these on-screen personalities would be thrilled if you intravenously fed them confections day and night — and we can’t say we blame them. Sweet crystalline substance abusers await you past the break. Tell us if we missed your favorites in the comments below. … Read More

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A Collection of TV-Inspired Valentines

Over the weekend our own Emily Temple posted an adorable set of Downton Abbey Valentine’s Day cards by freelance cartoonist by Chad Thomas. Curious to find out what other popular shows had inspired similar homages, we decided to do a little digging; after the jump, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites of the bunch for your general amusement and/or printable pleasure. TV-loving procrastinators, consider this our Valentine’s Day gift to you! … Read More

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10 Fictional TV Towns We’d Like to Visit

Last week IFC announced that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein would be releasing Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors this November. It’s the perfect idea for a show in which the town itself is such an important character; a more perfect vision of Portland, with a cool mayor, 100% employment, and hipster customs that seem more like local law – especially bicycle rights. And this guidebook might be our chance to find out where Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame lives so that we can visit him ourselves. Inspired by the news, we’ve been thinking about some other fictional TV towns that we wouldn’t mind visiting, even those without a decent Feminist Bookstore. Leave any of your favorites that we missed in the comments! … Read More

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An Ode to 10 Pop Culture Sandwiches

It’s National Sandwich Day! That means it’s the 293rd birthday of John Montagu, or as he is more popularly known, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. His legacy is creating the glorious food item (food group, really), in which we stuff many things betwixt two slices of bread. This would later become bastardized by the invention of Hot Pockets and other sloth-friendly grub. In honor of this great day, we give you our ode to pop culture sandwiches past the break. Leave us your favorites — or favorite sandwich fixins so we can all consider new things to stuff our maws with, Liz Lemon style — below. … Read More

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Television’s Most Memorable Living Rooms

TV sitcoms are all about family. Even if the characters aren’t related by blood, friends and enemies alike still form bonds on the small screen for our viewing pleasure. They’re a tribe. Network shows provide someone for families to identify with, gawk at, and be envious of — all in the comfort of their own home. While technology has certainly made it possible to watch your favorite TV shows from just about anywhere, most families who loaf together with a little boob tube do so in their living room (or as it is sometimes aptly dubbed, the family room). Over the years there have been many famous TV living rooms where we watched our favorite characters grow up, share valuable life lessons, make us laugh, and more. Click through to revisit some of television’s most iconic living rooms, and recall what made them special. Who would you add to the list? … Read More

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