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Stained Glass-Style Posters for Your Favorite ’80s Movies

Designer Van Orton made these gorgeous, intricate stained-glass posters for iconic ’80s movies, including Back to the Future, The Goonies, and Blade Runner, which we spotted at This Isn’t Happiness. The resulting prints are a clever, colorful ode to a golden age of popcorn flicks that still inspire semi-religious devotion in so many film fans. There are also some black-and-white versions, which could make for a fun (albeit ambitious) paint-by-numbers project. Check out more of Orton’s work on his Facebook page. … Read More

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90 Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Your Favorite Summer Movies

Well, kids, summer movie season is in full swing, if you couldn’t tell from the many numerically organized titles in the weekly box office reports. And while there aren’t as many movies worth celebrating this summer as you might like, it is still the season that sees studios unveiling their big guns, and accidentally capturing the national zeitgeist on the side. You know how much Flavorwire loves to peek behind the scenes of iconic movies, so that’s what we’ve done here — gathering 90 set photos from 19 summer… Read More

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10 Great Film Soundtracks That Were Impossible to Find

You may have noticed that we’re kinda David Lynch fanatics here at Flavorpill (we have an in-house band who do a live re-soundtracking of Twin Peaks, for Chrissakes), so we greeted the arrival yesterday of the fancy limited-edition double-LP Eraserhead soundtrack with unconstrained joy. The sound design on Lynch’s mind-bending debut is almost as important as the visuals, creating an atmosphere that echoes the film’s ominous, industrial setting. Until now, however, it’s been nigh on impossible to get a copy of, so in celebration of the fact that you can finally get it on vinyl, here’s a selection of other soundtracks that we had to wait way too long for — and some that we’re still waiting for. … Read More

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15 Stylin' Pairs of Pop Culture-Inspired Shoes

Remember the good old days when it was commonplace to wear supremely lame, pop culture-themed shoes? Of course, at the time, you felt awesome stomping around in your Velcro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles light-up sneakers, but at some point, you grew up and transitioned into normal, boring shoes without even realizing. Well, if you’re anything like us, you thought they didn’t really make themed shoes for adult-size feet, but boy, were we wrong! After the jump, we’ve gathered 15 pairs of grown-up shoes that pay homage to noteworthy TV shows, films, and the occasional David Bowie. Click through for your favorite new kicks. … Read More

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10 of Film History’s Meanest Bullies

The ruthless bully character has been a movie staple for decades, but the limited theatrical release of the new documentary Bully on March 30 ushered in a new kind of example – the heinous, reprehensible real-life bully. While we certainly don’t advocate bullying in real life situations, we’ve got to admit that we don’t mind seeing a little fictional bullying take place on the big screen. So here’s our breakdown of ten of the biggest, and baddest, movie bullies of all time, from nightmare-inducing teen thugs like Scut Farkus and Biff Tannen to more recent (but equally vicious!) additions to the canon, like Regina George. … Read More

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The Best Pop-Culture ‘Game of Thrones’ Mash-Ups

Yesterday brought us George R.R. Martin fans a little gift: some exciting new footage from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. But with the premiere still over a month away, we thought you could probably use something more to hold you over until the new episodes begin and winter finally comes. Like Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation claimed, the show really is a “crossover hit,” and appearing in dozens of hilarious online mash-ups with other pop-culture genres and franchises. We’ve compiled some of the best for diehard fans after the jump. If you found one that we missed, let us know in the comments! … Read More

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Typographic Posters Inspired by Pop Culture Classics

Are you the kind of person who likes to drop random lines from your favorite films into everyday conversation? Jerod Gibson is working on an ongoing series for our friends at Society6 called 37 Posters that will allow you to proudly (and silently) display the object of your cinematic obsession on your apartment’s walls — without annoying the crap out of your friends. Each of his designs contains a simple silhouette image inspired by a movie or television show that’s filled with the relevant quotes. Check out our favorites after the jump, and click through to purchase. … Read More

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The Art of Movies: Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult 4

Every year, the pop-culture fanatics at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles put together an art show based on movies called Crazy 4 Cult. Our friends over at Slashfilm have rounded up all of the featured work that’s currently available online, and it’s a cinephile’s dream come true. Click through to view ten of our favorite pieces, which were inspired by cult classics that range from The Goonies to Donnie Darko, and if you live in LA, check out tonight’s opening reception co-hosted by filmmakers Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. … Read More

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From RoboCop to Goonies: 10 Potential Kids’ Movie Remakes, Graded

Original stories are for people who lack business smarts. With the box office success of ’80s remakes like The Karate Kid and The A-Team, Hollywood is setting its sights to the past for content. We took a look at 10 other movies from our childhood that are on their way down the production pipeline, and wondered if we should be worried. Take a look to decide if your memories are in jeopardy of being crushed or simply shared with a new generation. … Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we fell in love with the Simpsonized versions of Sloth and Chunk. We sang along to the top 5 cover songs by Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronic band. We virtually visited some of the great Tiki bars of New York City past. We figured out how to watch the… Read More

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