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White Savior Movies, Ranked

Today, McFarland, USA is released in theaters. Based on a true story, the movie stars Kevin Costner — who, between this role and Black or White, must be working out some white guilt — as Jim White (his actual name), a white coach who leads a track team of inner-city (see: Latino) students to victory. This is just the latest entry in a long list of white savior narratives: stories in which a white person heroically “saves” people of color, generally by using his white expertise (privilege) to teach them that, hey, you can still play music/read a book/catch a baseball even if you’re brown! These movies are never about the people of color succeeding as much as the white savior patting himself on the back. But they are labeled inspiring (for white people) and groundbreaking (for white people) and are often voted on at the Oscars (by white people). Here’s a ranking of 20 white savior films — by no means a comprehensive list — from worst to best.  … Read More

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Are Black Female Casting Stereotypes Actually Gross Misinterpretations of Archetypal African Goddesses?

The Huffington Post ran a piece, a few weeks ago, on a recent Essence survey that revealed that most of the magazine’s readers feel the portrayals of black women in the media are not fair representations of who they really are. … Read More

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