The Killing

Why ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Has Survived Longer Than ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘The Killing’


Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family during the summer of 2010, and I tuned in exclusively because that was the first and only time I’d ever had a TV in my bedroom, so no program was spared my undiscerning eye. A couple friends also watched, and we’d have self-loathing conversations about how the first 50 minutes of each episode were packed with eye-rolling drivel, but the final ten minutes were so terrifying they would inevitably convince us to wait with bated breath for next week. Over the years, though, not only have the acting and writing improved drastically, but the plot has grown from one winding branch into a twisted thicket of mystery — one that won’t release us anytime soon.
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Flavorwire’s 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Summer 2013


Summer has commonly been a wasteland for television, but with the staggered seasons of original cable programming, the next few months feature a surprisingly terrific lineup of returning favorites as well as new series on cable, network TV, and on Netflix. While you’ve probably already made it through the fourth season of Arrested Development twice already, here are ten other series worth checking out this …Read More