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The Muppets as ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters: Who Killed Miss Piggy?

The earnestness that fuels Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper could also be pretty applicable to another much-loved character: Kermit the Frog. In fact, it’s kind of spooky to see how easily The Muppets take to the world of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks. In Justin DeVine’s paintings (spotted via Welcome to Twin Peaks), the Muppets have a damn fine cup of coffee, the Log Lady is Fozzie Bear, and it’s all very, very amusing. So far, DeVine has done six watercolor portraits in pen and ink, and he’s promising more. Keep an eye on his Tumblr. … Read More

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Please Enjoy Some Muppet Selfies

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10 Unforgettable Musical Christmas Moments on Film

Christmas songs are as essential to the upcoming holiday as eggnog, tinsel, and Douglas firs. So are Christmas movies — or even moves that don’t particularly center around the theme. That’s why the combination of the two is such a treat. Sure, it can often be too sweet and saccharine, but the cinematic treatment of Christmas has always been musical in nature. Here’s a rundown of some of the best musical Christmas moments captured on film; some are obvious, and a couple are a bit surprising. … Read More

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The Best Muppet Movie Cameos Ever

Fire up your Blu-ray players: The Muppet Movie is out today for your high-definition viewing pleasure. The 1979 family classic set the template for all of the Muppet flicks, with charming songs, big laughs, and a lotta heart. But it was also chock full of adorable celebrity cameos, and that’s a tradition that has continued in the 34 years since its release. After the jump, we’ve picked our favorite celebrity cameos from all of the Muppet movies. … Read More

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Watch Cee Lo and Kermit Perform “Bein’ Green”

Last Thanksgiving brought us the first brand-new Muppet movie since the ’90s, but this year we’re thankful to Cee Lo Green for making sure the beloved puppets are very much a part of the 2012 holiday season, too. Earlier this week, we brought you Cee Lo and the Muppets’ adorable “All I Need Is Love” video. And last night on The Voice, the singer joined his good pal Kermit at the piano for a lovely rendition of the classic frog anthem “Bein’ Green.” Cee Lo wore a wild, neon-green outfit with mirrors; Fozzie was moved to tears; and even Statler and Waldorf – the Internet commenters of the Jim Henson universe — were on hand to offer their grouchy review. Watch it below. … Read More

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Guess Who Plays Santa in Cee Lo and the Muppets’ “All I Need Is Love” Video

If you were smitten with Cee Lo Green and the Muppets’ collaborative Christmas song, “All I Need Is Love,” then wait till you see the video. It finds Cee Lo stopping by Kermit’s place in the midst of a snowstorm, only to find that the whole Muppet gang is assembled for a holiday party. Of course, he joins in the gift-giving fun (which, it must be said, is a bit heavy on the iPhone product placement). And midway through the celebration, the crew is visited by none other than Santa Claus — who happens to be The Office’s Craig Robinson. Click through to watch the clip, which also features an eerily accurate Cee Lo puppet and a boatload of bloopers. … Read More

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Wanted: Knitted Hats Inspired by the Muppets

Suddenly it feels like it’s the middle of winter here in New York, and most of us are woefully unprepared. Luckily, the Muppets are here to keep our heads warm. These fantastic knitted hats, which we spotted thanks to Neatorama, are the creations of Annie Pilon, a business and technology writer living in Michigan who describes herself as “one part Martha Stewart, two parts Liz Lemon.” The collection, which was originally inspired by The Muppets’ release, is pretty impressive; so far she’s created wearable versions of everyone from Miss Piggy to Dr. Teeth, and even plans to make a few more. Click through and try to pick a favorite! … Read More

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Hear Cee Lo and The Muppets’ Christmas Song

We may still need to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to Christmas, but we only have to wait one more week for Cee Lo Green’s holiday album. Cee Lo’s Magic Moment comes out October 30th, and features contributions from the likes of Rod Stewart and Christina Aguilera. By far the most exciting of Green’s collaborators, however, are his old pals The Muppets. They join him for a track called “All I Need Is Love,” which samples The Muppets’ theme to such infectious effect that you’ll be hearing it in your head for the entire holiday season. Add to that some silly interjections from Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the gang, and the bar for 2012’s new batch of Christmas singles is set. Your move, Sufjan. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Katy Perry and John Mayer are reportedly no longer dating, but will remain friends. Do you think any interesting songs will come out of their brief affair?

2. Retired cyclist Lance Armstrong has decided not to fight the charges that he currently faces from the US Anti-Doping Agency, which means he’s likely… Read More

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