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Why So Many TV Shows Peak in Season 3

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10 Career-Changing Music Moments in the Last 10 Years of TV

In the early 2000s, TV went through a transformation to become a medium capable of artistic achievement on par with film. The power of television has not always been harnessed when it comes to music, but the change in TV coincided with its emergence as a platform as powerful as radio in breaking new artists to the masses. Today the game continues, with music supervisors being courted by labels as much, if not more, than tastemaking rock writers. The power of TV is such that it can both break new artists and reinvent old hits like “Baby Blue” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” for new generations. And so, we’ve put together a list of ten music moments on TV in the last ten years that were not only memorable, but that actually altered an artist’s… Read More

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Now That Fox Has Killed “Pilot Season,” Let’s Go Ahead and Kill TV Pilots

In all of my years reading about the television business, none of the fine writers on that beat — Emily Nussbaum, Bill Carter, Todd VanDerWerff, etc. — has ever summarized the “pilot” process as cleanly and succinctly as Pulp Fiction’s Jules Winnfield. Here he is, explaining Marsellus Wallace’s wife’s claim to fame: “The way they pick TV shows is they make one show; that show’s called a pilot. Then they show that one show to the people who pick shows, and on the strength of that one show, they decide if they want to make more shows. Some get chosen and become television programs. Some don’t, and become nothing. She starred in one of the ones that became nothing.” The news out of this week’s Television Critics Association press tour was that Fox chairman Kevin O’Reilly was making the bold move of eliminating pilots from the television equation. On closer examination, the change is much more specific; he’s eliminating pilot season, one of the organizing principles for TV’s fall-centered schedule. That’s a good start. But the initial reports were more promising. They should kill pilots altogether. … Read More

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Dating and Relationship Advice From Pop Culture’s Greatest Geeks

The word “geek” gets tossed around casually these days, it’s meaning still evolving in our Internet-obsessed age, but when it comes to pop culture’s depiction of geeks in love, things are largely the same. The stereotype of the socially awkward loner would have us believe that male and female geeks are incapable of dating, maintaining healthy relationships, and making the sex. But fictional geeks have proven that they are fully capable of meeting that special someone. They even have some pretty great advice to share with us. Geekadelphia co-founder Eric Smith covers the same tips for real-life geeks in his soon-to-be published The Geek’s Guide to Dating from Quirk. In the spirit of geek love, we share advice from ten of pop culture’s greatest geeks to guide you on your romantic quest. … Read More

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These Are the TV Shows Flavorwire Staffers Irrationally Hate

Here at Flavorwire, we do our level best to engage in rational, reasoned, thoughtful criticism. But there are elements of our culture that are simply out of our analytical grasp: the films, music, authors, television shows, etc. that we hate with no reasonable explanation. Welcome to Irrational Hatred Week, in which your Flavorwire staffers share what we loathe in a variety of media, and do our best to figure out why. Today’s Irrational Hatred topic: TV. … Read More

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What to Read to Fill the Void Left by Your Favorite TV Shows This Summer

As one television season comes to its inevitable end, and a number of our favorite shows have either finished for the summer (or for good) we’ve compiled a suggested reading list of books to binge on and fill the void of your favorite shows while we wait impatiently for them to return next season. Readers and television bingers alike, don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comments. … Read More

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11 Shows That Wouldn’t Exist Without ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development fans are busy counting down the hours until Season 4 premieres this Sunday at midnight on Netflix, and here at Flavorwire, we’re no different. So, we’re passing the time by declaring this Arrested Development Week, all leading up to a Recap-a-thon on Sunday, when our own Jason Bailey will review the whole season, episode by episode. Click here to follow our coverage.

By now, the common wisdom is that Arrested Development’s original three-season run was influential and groundbreaking — but what, specifically, do we owe to the show? The dubious film career of Jason Bateman? David Cross appearing in those Alvin and the Chipmunks movies? The forgotten Fox animated flop Sit Down, Shut Up? Hardly. For your consideration, a brief survey of television programs that may never have existed were it not for the Bluth crew. … Read More

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This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments

There are scores of TV shows out there, with dozens of new episodes each week, not to mention everything you can find on Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, and HBO Go. How’s a viewer to keep up? To help you sort through all that television has to offer, we’re compiling the five best moments on TV each week. Season finales made this a particularly rich week for TV, and this round sees the end of The Office, the long-awaited reveal of the mother on How I Met Your Mother, and a New Girl cameo from Taylor Swift. … Read More

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‘The Office’ Comes to a Poignant, Lovable Conclusion

Last night on NBC, with the appropriate pomp and fanfare, The Office did what it should have done at the close of season seven: it came to an end. The American version of the British classic had an appropriate cause for conclusion when star Steve Carrel made his exit, but the Peacock wasn’t ready to let one of its few successes go quite that easily. So things got bumpy in Scranton, during an eighth year filled with miscalculations and peculiarities. But when original showrunner Greg Daniels was brought back in to steer the show snugly into port during its last season, a funny thing happened: The Office started to work again. And last night’s series finale was a fine, poignant wrap-up of an erratic but lovable show. … Read More

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What’s On At Flavorwire: Links You Need to See

With The Office finishing its run tonight, Vulture has prepared the show a Six Feet Under style send-off. Speaking of killing your idols (sorta), check out this piece on why you sometimes have to end a series to save itShaun of the Dead turns ten today (what?!) and A.V. Club is celebrating… Read More

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