The Princess Bride

Here’s the ‘Game of Thrones’/’Princess Bride’ Mash-Up You Never Knew You Wanted

You gotta figure the Venn diagram for Game of Thrones fans and Princess Bride fans looks something like two… Read More

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Overanalyzing Cary Elwes’ New ‘Princess Bride’ Book for Traces of Shade

The Dread Pirate Roberts, aka Westley the farm boy, aka dreamboat Cary Elwes, the very first crush of probably a whole generation of girls (myself included), has a new book out called As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of The Princess Bride. It is a charming, funny memoir, filled with the then-23-year-old’s reminiscences of just what it was like to make a classic and to go drinking with Andre the Giant. It’s also a really “nice” book, characterized by sweet, “we were all friends” memories, to the point that it’s hard not to muck around for the subtext: Who was Elwes in love with? Who did he kind of, sort of hate? It’s time to break down the veiled shade in every bit of this family fun. … Read More

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25 Must-Read Books For the Fall

Fall! It’s a time for picking apples, wearing plaid, watching the leaves change color, and catching up on the season’s most beguiling new book releases. Fall is when the big houses bring out the big names, from Lena Dunham’s hotly anticipated book of essays, Not That Kind of Girl, to new work from future predictors Stephen Johnson and Nicholas Carr, to stories from reliable geniuses like Marilynne Robinson and Denis Johnson. We pared down a list of a million fascinating looking books (Good luck, Christian Rudder’s Dataclysm. Better list next time, Christos Tsiolkas’s well received Barracuda. I see you, Charles Burns’ Sugar Skull) to a workable group of 25 of the fall season’s must-reads. Add them to your list, and dominate cocktail parties all season long. … Read More

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10 Clever Parody Films Worth Your Time

Quirky, indie girl meets a corporate guy. They fall in love, break up, and get back together. This is the premise for the Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd film They Came Together — but the basic narrative can be found in dozens of romantic comedies. The parody film opens in theaters this weekend. It just so happens that this weekend also marks the birthday of comedy legend and renowned producer Mel Brooks, whose works combine pop culture parody, vaudevillian gags, and frenetic farce. While masters of the parody film like Brooks found a formula for success, the genre has its share of stinkers. Here are ten big-screen parodies that are actually worth your time. … Read More

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Cary Elwes Writing a Memoir About the Making of ‘The Princess Bride’

The Princess Bride just celebrated its 25th anniversary, but the festivities aren’t over yet. Cary Elwes will be writing… Read More

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Awesome Pop Culture-Inspired Art From Gallery 1988’s New ‘Crazy 4 Cult’ Book

We’ve professed our love for Gallery 1988, the pop culture-obsessed art gallery with locations in Melrose and Venice, so many times that we’ve all but become a fan site. But their work isn’t just for Los Angelenos; a couple of years back, they put out a coffee table book of their best stuff called Crazy 4 Cult, and like all big hits, it has prompted a sequel. Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 is out now from Titan books, and Gallery 1988 has been kind enough to pass on some of the best movie and TV-inspired art from the book; click through to check it out. … Read More

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A ‘Game of Thrones’/’Princess Bride’ Mashup That Expresses Our Feelings Exactly

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen The Princess Bride treatment given to other upsetting moments in television before, but that doesn’t make this… Read More

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Cool Quote Art Pays Tribute to ‘Firefly,’ ‘Lebowski,’ ‘Princess Bride,’ And More

The only way to attract more Internet attention than paying tribute to The Princess Bride is by paying tribute to The Big Lebowski, and the only way to get more Internet attention than that is by paying tribute to Firefly, so you’ve gotta hand it to Austin-based artist Chet Phillips for putting his finger on the virtual pulse with this series of clever quote-and-cartoon prints (with an emphasis on the Brothers Coen). Check out the entire series after the jump, and pick up copies for yourself at his Etsy store. … Read More

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9 Things We Learned at Last Night’s ‘Princess Bride’ Reunion

Tuesday night, the New York Film Festival celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride (and the release of a new Blu-ray tied to said anniversary) with a special screening of the film, followed by a Q&A with several members of the cast and crew. The movie was raucously received by the rowdy audience: they applauded their favorite lines, cheered the entrances of its many memorable characters like old friends arriving at a party, and generally ate it up with a spoon. After the closing credits, director Rob Reiner, screenwriter William Goldman, and co-stars Billy Crystal, Mandy Patinkin, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, and Chris Sarandon sat down for a Q&A with NYFF Associate Programming Director Scott Foundas. A few highlights from that chat after the jump. … Read More

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