The Royal Tenenbaums

Incredible Renderings of Wes Anderson Characters as LEGO Figures

Designer Matt Chase originally created these fake LEGO instruction manuals for a show at San Francisco gallery Spoke Art, but luckily for us, they’re now publicly available for all Wes Anderson geeks to enjoy. The renderings of the director’s best-known characters as LEGO figures, complete with their signature accessories, pair well with Anderson’s meticulous approach to assembling his insanely detailed world. They’re also just plain adorable. Click through for the full roster, from Rushmore to Grand Budapest Hotel. … Read More

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The Violent Scenes in Wes Anderson Films Coalesce in Another Attractive Supercut

Director Wes Anderson’s highly distinctive visual style (selective color palette, extensive use of flat space camera moves, symmetrical compositions) has… Read More

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Wes Anderson and Composer/Devo Co-Founder Mark Mothersbaugh Collaborating On…A Theme Park

This might be the strangest news you’ll hear all day: while presumably some not-too-inventive critics have called Wes Anderson movies… Read More

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7 More Wes Anderson Tourist Attractions We’d Like to See

Hey, Wes Anderson fans with a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, do I have an opportunity for you: on June 13, you can board the Queen Mary in New York and set sail for London with Mr. Anderson, collaborator Roman Coppola, and frequent stars Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton. While en route, you can enjoy a special screening of their latest picture, The Grand Budapest Hotel, followed by a Q&A with Anderson and his actors. Yes, it’s the Grand Budapest Hotel Cruise, brought to you by Cunard Cruises, and yes, it’s weird. But maybe not — maybe this is just the first of many possible opportunities to turn Mr. Anderson’s films into tourist attractions and destination spots. Here are a few more ideas: … Read More

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20 Old Songs Wes Anderson Gave New Life: A Playlist

Just as Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel finally hits theaters, there comes the news that the exquisite soundtracks for all of his films will be released as a fancy box set by ABCKO Records later this year. This feels like the perfect moment to revisit Anderson’s soundtracks, helmed by his longtime music supervisor Randall Poster and often highlighting gems from the ’60s and ’70s. … Read More

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Exclusive: Illustrated Floor Plans for Wes Anderson Films

Now that more details about The Grand Budapest Hotel have been released, are we allowed to post more Wes Anderson illustrations? Yes? Good, because we already went ahead and made some. In the past, we brought you a Wes Anderson character quiz and some Wes Anderson Valentine’s Day cards, and now we’re rekindling our middle-school architectural aspirations to bring you some illustrated Wes Anderson floor plans. Or cross sections, for semantics… Read More

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Wes Anderson and Kanye West Are Perfect Together

When you think about it, Kanye West and Wes Anderson have a lot in common — and no, we’re not talking about a certain string of letters, though it does make for some nice assonance/consonance. Both men have a double whammy of cult and mainstream appeal, both take great care with their visual presentation, and both rock the hipster nerd thing like nobody’s business. So when Juxtapoz pointed us to this amazing Tumblr mashing up Kanye lyrics with Anderson films (and sometimes Anderson dialogue with images of Kanye), all we could think was: of course. And then we started laughing. Click through to see a few of our favorite mashups, and then be sure to head over to Kanye Wes for many more ironic gems. … Read More

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The Selected Tenenbaum Library

It seems that pretty much everyone in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums has written a book or two — after all, how else are a family of geniuses and their assorted hangers-on supposed to entertain themselves? To remind you of their collective brilliance, Criterion posted this collection of books and magazine covers (the one featuring Eli Cash as the “James Joyce of the West” made us giggle). So add that, and the rest of the books on this list, to our ever-growing stack of fictional books we wish we could read. So now, if someone, preferably a genius, could take it upon themselves to actually write these, we’d be very appreciative. … Read More

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Pop Culture Heroes Show Off Their Best Dance Moves

In his excellent and irreverent Tumblr, Dancer a Day, which we recently spotted over at thaeger, Jesse Lonergan serves up cheeky, joyful illustrations of his favorite pop culture figures dancing. But it’s not just superheroes — Lonergan mines everything from Woody Allen’s Sleeper to Breaking Bad to every ’90s Saturday morning TV standby hero you can imagine (Jem!) with a few real people thrown in there for kicks. Each drawing is fun on its own, but it’s really when clicking through a series — or hey, the whole collection — that you begin to appreciate the sweetness and joy of this project. Plus, when you run across a favorite, there’s always that little, ahem, shimmy of excitement. Click through to check out a few of our favorites (so far) from Lonergan’s project, and then be sure to head over to Dancer a Day to see the entire set. … Read More

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The Reading Lists of Your Favorite Fictional Characters

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, there’s a pretty good chance you know that Rory Gilmore is as big a bookworm as they come — maybe that’s why we’ve always liked her so much. Recently, we stumbled on this exhaustive list of all the books Rory has read, and after we caught our breath (there’s some two hundred and fifty books on there!) we decided to compile a few more of the books we’ve noticed some of our favorite fictional characters reading — so as to follow along, of course. Click through to see what books Don Draper, Margot Tenanbaum, and Daria Morgendorffer have been occupying themselves with recently, and let us know if we’ve missed your favorite fictional bookworm in the comments! … Read More

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