The Will to Whatevs

Exclusive: Ten Questions with Funnyman Eugene Mirman


This month, comedian extraordinaire Eugene Mirman released his first book, The Will to Whatevs. Featuring chapters such as “The Fifty N’s of Nightlife” and “The Heart, the Penis, and Mrs. Vagina,” it provides an abbreviated guide to just about every aspect of modern life. Of course, it’s the kind of guide you’d need a severe head injury to actually follow, but as with most things in Mirman’s world, that’s pretty much the point. This year, he returns to his supporting role on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, as well as joining the cast of Adult Swim’s new show Delocated. He’s also set to release his third live comedy album, and has some big-screen plans in the works. This week, he hits the tail end of his current book-release tour, after which he’s staying out on the road with John Wesley Harding for the duo’s Cabinet of Wonders.

After the jump, we catch up with Mirman amid all the chaos to see how he’s holding up, learn more about his All-Night Think Tank Party League, and discover his plan to reinvent the audiobook.
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