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‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Is Mostly Delightful, But Needs More Tina Fey

So, how odd is it that a Disney-produced Muppet movie has turned out to be the best cinematic vehicle to date for the considerable talents and charms of one Elizabeth Stamatina Fey? As Nadya, the stern head of a Russian gulag in Muppets Most Wanted, Tina Fey is funny and charming as hell, looks amazing, rocks an amusingly Boris-and-Natasha-esque accent, and shows off a surprisingly lovely singing voice in one of the picture’s best production numbers. That’s the good news for Fey fans; the bad is that she’s also woefully underutilized by the film, where she doesn’t turn up until the 30-minute mark and ends up with far less screen time than Ricky Gervais and even Ty Burrell. But that kind of mixed-bag assessment is typical of Most Wanted, though at least the film owns it, kicking off by lyrically acknowledging, “everyone knows the sequel’s never quite as good.” … Read More

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Tina Fey, Adroit Passenger and Coffee Consumer

As Jerry Seinfeld keeps proving, comedians seem particularly adept at being in cars and getting coffee. This time around on… Read More

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‘NY Post’ Wants to Know: What’s With All the Ladies at the Golden Globes?

It is increasingly rare, in this day and age, to observe stark, raw, pure sexism in the pages of a major metropolitan newspaper. Oh, it’s there, don’t get me wrong — but writers and editors usually have the good sense to filter it through obfuscating language and rhetorical devices, leaving readers to dig out the subtext themselves. And that’s what’s sort of remarkable about Kyle Smith’s New York Post review of the Golden Globes, which became yesterday’s essential hate-read: this shit is pure as the driven snow. This is uncut. If it were cocaine, it’d be sitting in a mountainous pile on Tony Montana’s desk. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: Just the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Parts From the 2014 Golden Globes

Last night’s Golden Globes gave us a lot to talk about today, from befuddling acceptance speeches (and hey, a big thanks to “my team” for supporting me while I wrote this post) to the man-vs.-artist arguments we should’ve expected from a Woody Allen tribute to the last minute trophy for 12 Years A Slave that saved the evening from being an almost total whitewash. But for just a moment, let’s put all that aside to appreciate the least surprising and least controversial statement we can make about the evening: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler crushed it, again. The show’s producers certainly didn’t make quite enough use of their very funny hosts (I clocked one half-hour stretch in the third hour when we heard from neither of them), but when they were there, they were firing on all cylinders, so (in what is becoming an annual tradition) we’ve condensed their portions of the show into one short, easy video presentation. You’re welcome! … Read More

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The 15 Golden Globes 2014 Moments Everyone Is Talking About

In case you were asleep or watching Girls, Downton Abbey, True Detective, or any of the television offerings last night that did not involve increasingly drunken celebrities thanking their “teams,” here are all the moments of the Golden Globes your friends and coworkers will be discussing this morning. Complete with GIFs, where… Read More

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Flavorpill’s Official 2014 Golden Globes Drinking Game

We have complete faith that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will once again be incredible hosts for this year’s Golden Globes ceremony. What better way to enjoy the celeb-filled pomp than to grab a boozy beverage and drink along with us? The weird, wild, and wacky exploits of Hollywood’s brightest (and drunkest) await us at 8PM ET tonight — and so do these rules for our drinking game. … Read More

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