Imagine if ‘The Returned’s’ Jeremy Sisto Starred in ‘Titanic’

There is an alternate world in which Jeremy Sisto, late of Suburgatory, forever of Clueless, and currently starring in A&E’s… Read More

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How the Death of Mid-Budget Cinema Left a Generation of Iconic Filmmakers MIA

Earlier this year, John Waters — whose last movie, A Dirty Shame, was released a full decade ago — finally got the offer he’d been waiting for all this time. According to his hitchhiking chronicle Carsick, his very first driver was “Harris,” “an art school type” with a sideline in weed dealing who called himself a fan. They talked for a bit about movies before Harris asked the (five) million-dollar question: “How come you aren’t making a movie?” … Read More

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Earwax or the Badness of ‘Titanic’ : Links You Need to See

Have you seen those nifty black cotton swabs from Muji? They look really cool — well, about as cool as cotton swabs can look — but they actually suck. The whole point of cleaning your ears is looking at the resulting honey-colored gunk, a pleasure that’s wholly denied by the black cotton swabs! But, apparently, we shouldn’t even be cleaning our ears, regardless of the color of the cotton swabs. … Read More

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Why the ‘Realistic’ Young Adult Movie Is Coming Back

With the news that the movie rights to Rainbow Rowell’s stealth young adult hit Eleanor and Park got picked up by a big studio like Dreamworks, it’s time to start paying attention to a new trend of young adult adaptations of realistic teen stories. After all, these books take teen concerns seriously with a tone that hasn’t been seen since the heyday of John Hughes. … Read More

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Calendar Casts Retirement Home Residents as Beloved Film Characters

The Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany is quashing fears of retirement as sedentary and of company calendars as soporifically laden with floral or sea-mammal imagery. The home has released its 2014 calendar (spotted via Gawker), which features its residents as characters in epochal films. If you were at any point unsure of the fates of the Rockies, Sally Bowleses, Bonds, or Poppinses, take a peek here into their flourishing (if scenically unchanged) later years, and rest assured that they’re having a grand old time. … Read More

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Hilarious Photos Recreating Famous Romantic Movie Scenes with an Adorable Dog

It takes a special man to re-create famous romantic movie scenes with a dog and not come off totally creepy. Redditor mmsspp has a soft spot for his boss’ dog, Wrigley. Inspired by the adorable canine companion, he decided to pose with the pup for hilarious snapshots that recall some of cinema’s mushier moments. The upside-down make out sesh in Spider-Man? Check. That manly embrace in Brokeback Mountain? Oh yes. See more hilarious odes to movie love from man and dog, which we first saw on Daily Dot, in our gallery. … Read More

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10 of Hollywood’s Most Legendary “Troubled Productions”

This Friday, Paramount unleashes World War Z, the Brad Pitt-fronted zombie apocalypse tale that has been on the receiving end of an inordinate amount of pre-release bad buzz. Stories of third-act rewrites, tension between star and director, shifting release dates, and massive budget and schedule overruns have dominated WWZ’s advance publicity, far more than anything of note about the film itself (which is unfortunate, as it’s a frequently gripping and reasonably intelligent disaster flick). But that’s nothing new in Hollywood; for decades we’ve been fascinated by stories of high-profile productions run amok, and by guessing whether those on-set woes would actually impact the final product. … Read More

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‘Jurassic Park': How a 2D Movie Becomes a 3D Movie

Today, moviegoers across the country will have the opportunity to see a 20-year-old movie on the big screen — and with an extra dimension to boot. Jurassic Park 3D is the latest case of a two-dimensional movie getting the three-dimensional (or “stereo”) treatment, following in the footsteps of several Disney titles and last year’s 3D re-release of Titanic. Since this is a new process, one that’s not yet been painstakingly demystified by DVD extras and behind-the-scenes reports, it seems, frankly, to be some sort of witchcraft; how do they take a movie that was finished two decades ago and transform it into a 3D experience? Luckily, we were able to get William Sherak to break it down for us. … Read More

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