Tod Seelie

Inspiring Photos of Occupy Sandy Relief in New York

Since Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast and left a gigantic part of New York City flooded, without electricity, heat, and water, and, in places hit hardest like Staten Island and Far Rockaway, reduced to nothing but burning rubble, the Internet has been filled with “disaster porn” imagery. It hits close to home, literally — close enough for New Yorkers to be able to help. There have been numerous reports that efforts by the Red Cross, FEMA, and other large-scale rescue organizations have been failing, with centers closing early, getting shut down, or failing to exist altogether. While help has arrived to a few areas, some — notably, Far Rockaway — were left stranded on their own, until Occupy Sandy stepped in. The all-volunteer, DIY organization, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has been providing assistance all over the city. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been crucial. … Read More

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Crazy Photos of an Airplane Graveyard

New York-based photographer Tod Seelie has been gloriously untethered this summer. While traveling through the deserts of SoCal and Nevada, he got a tip about a nearby airplane graveyard, so he stopped to check it out. “It was pretty impressive,” he tells us. See split open plane trunks, cracked window chunks, rusting rows of seats, and hollowed out engines. All this was shot from the outside of the perimeter fence. “I wish I could have gotten inside to get better views of the interiors and checked out some of the really old luggage languishing in one of the cargo holds.” So do we, Tod. So do we. … Read More

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