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Carly Rae Jepsen Declares She “Really Like[s] You” 67 Times on New Single

Carly Rae Jepsen skyrocketed to half-ironic fame three years ago by turning the clumsy, conversational declarations of a crush into… Read More

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Tom Hanks Dances Down the Street With Carly Rae Jepsen… and Justin Bieber

“Call Me Maybe” — the song that, for far too long, had everyone ironically chuckling anytime the question of… Read More

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Tom Hanks Is a Manspreader: Links You Need to See

The great and justified public outrage against #manspreading continues. It was an outrage that began with the creation of man and his senseless need to have his legs at obtuse angles. Now, the MTA is publicly targeting men, asking them to stop manspreading. But not everyone seems to have gotten the message — especially not Tom Hanks, who was spotted on the 1 train taking up two seats. It’s not a limo, Tom Hanks, but nice to see you. … Read More

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Actors, Oscars, and Afflictions: A Nomination and Award Timeline

This morning, Julianne Moore received an Academy Award nomination for Still Alice, which (in an amazing bit of great timing!) goes into official release tomorrow. It’s her fifth Academy Award nomination, but this time she’s the odds-on favorite, for two reasons: because she’s been nominated five times but hasn’t yet won and thus is “due,” and because she’s playing a woman battling a crippling affliction (in this case, early-onset Alzhemier’s). Meanwhile, Eddie Redmayne nabbed a very predictable nomination for playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. The fact that Everything is a boilerplate biopic and Still Alice is a rotten movie and desperately transparent play for that statue don’t enter into it; as history has proven, if you want to win an Oscar, find a character with a disease, a physical hardship, a mental challenge, or a psychological disorder, and let it rip. Don’t believe me? Here’s your timeline! … Read More

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The Case Against Typewriters

First, Tom Hanks shocked and awed us with “Alan Bean Plus Four,” a casual reminder of baby boomer tyranny masquerading as short fiction in the New Yorker (of all places). Next, Hanks revealed that he is working on a collection of these gems, a book inspired by his perverse fetish for typewriters. Finally, the conductor of the Polar Express completed his reign of terror, his omne trium perfectum, by reminding us that the whole thing — both the New Yorker story and the collection of typewriter porn — is nothing but a setup for Hanx Writer, his already-existing, bestselling typewriter app for the iPad. … Read More

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Move Over, James Franco: Tom Hanks Pens So-So Fiction for ‘New Yorker’

Move over James Franco and Steve Martin: you aren’t the only fiction-penning celebrities around. This week, The New Yorker features a short story by Tom Hanks — yes, that Tom Hanks — which seems to be heavily influenced by his time working on Apollo 13. While reading, I had do my very best to approach the story, a futuristic space-jaunt called “Alan Bean Plus Four”, as a lighthearted foray into fiction by a revered actor (director, screenwriter, producer, and cultural figure) and not as something I would mercilessly savage if I were in a fiction workshop and a “packet” of my peers’ writing had just arrived in my arms for a pre-class critique. … Read More

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In Defense of ‘Forrest Gump’

Sometimes timing is simply beyond a filmmaker’s control, and Forrest Gump’s low standing among a certain (very vocal) portion of movie fans might have more to do with its timing than anything. To be precise, Forrest Gump took on Pulp Fiction at the 1995 Oscars and won, handily; it took home six Oscars to Fiction’s one (for Best Original Screenplay, the only one where the two films weren’t in competition). And in that face-off, Gump was set up as the kind of syrupy, heartwarming studio picture that Fiction was out to destroy — a perception that persists to this day. But Forrest Gump, which begins a one-week, 20th anniversary IMAX re-release this Friday, isn’t as simple as that; it’s a weirder, darker, and better movie than its reputation suggests. … Read More

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