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Tom Waits Breaks Hearts, Salma Hayek Eats Them: Links You Need to See

For the last month, it seems every day is a tribute to Letterman, with increasingly famous guests (well, I supposed they stopped being increasingly famous after Obama did it) appearing on the Late Show and saying their own gracious farewells to the host of so many American evenings-at-home. Last night was Tom Waits’ turn. The veteran musician with the beautiful voice of a malfunctioning concrete mixer returned to performing after a two-year hiatus, and gave a heartfelt 10th Late Night performance with a fittingly titled new song, “Take One Last Look.” (This could also, if Arrested Development ever returned to Netflix, perfectly double as Kitty Sanchez‘s theme song; relatedly, The Mindy Project was rescued by Hulu today, and in anticipation of another season you may or may not want, here are 20 things you probably don’t know about the show).   … Read More

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Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Jim Jarmusch Movie

Only Lovers Left Alive, the ultra-cool vampire hangout flick from indie legend Jim Jarmusch, is out tomorrow in limited release, marking an even dozen feature films from the creatively coiffed auteur. It’s a fascinating filmography, encompassing multiple genres (from comedy to Western to action movie to horror) without fully turning over to any of them; all of his movies are, above all else, Jim Jarmusch Movies, which has sort of become a genre of its own. Yet the film that you pick as your favorite says a lot about you as a person — and thus we give the Jarmusch filmography our signature “stereotyping you by” treatment. … Read More

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The Ideal ‘True Detective’ Soundtrack: A Southern Gothic Spotify Playlist

You’ll be entirely unsurprised to know that everyone at Flavorwire central has been going crazy over True Detective, and we’re going to find the rest of this week just as interminable as you will. In the meantime, though, we’ve been re-watching the first few episodes, and along with all the little details that may or may not be clues, we’ve also gotten to thinking about the show’s music. The incidental score has been great, as has the choice of songs, but still, there’s a whole bunch of Southern Gothic-influenced sounds that could fit on the show’s soundtrack. So to tide you through until Sunday, here’s a speculative Spotify playlist of 15 songs that’d make a fine True Detective OST. … Read More

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25 Awesome Tom Waits Tattoos

Gruff-voiced poet Tom Waits celebrates a birthday, today. The howling pianist’s lyrics illuminate a forgotten, shadowy world of drunken sirens, broken dreams, and glassy-eyed regrets. His evocative verses have been tattooed as permanent reminders of the hope and loss his work conjures in the minds and hearts of fans. And the singer’s vagabond style has made him a character worthy of inky tribute. We’ve collected some of the greatest Tom Waits tattoos that honor the eccentric troubadour, below. … Read More

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The 10 Best Songs About Alcohol (For Better or Worse)

In a cruel, cruel irony, the day after the inaugural Flavorpill Media office piss-up karaoke night turns out to be… the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. The last thing anyone wants to be doing right now is thinking about alcohol, but this seems like an anniversary worth commemorating, especially since alcohol has had an all too intimate relationship with art over the years. In particular, it’s an integral part of music, for better or worse — and beyond the ranks of silly drinking songs, plenty of songwriters have investigated the pernicious nature of the demon drink over the years. So here’s a selection of songs about getting wasted, both celebratory and, well, less so. … Read More

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The 50 Albums Everyone Needs to Own, 1963-2013

No one buys albums anymore, goes the music industry truism. And yet, for all that the format’s commercial viability may or may not be on the wane, sitting and listening to a great album from start to finish is one of the greatest pleasures that music can bring. Flavorwire recently got to thinking about how one might build a record collection if you really only did buy one record a year. So here’s the result of our thought exercise: 50 albums you really should own, one a year from 1963 until the present… Read More

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Fascinating Photos of Famous Musicians in Their Studios

We’re constantly fascinated with the creative process here at Flavorwire, and one of the most important components of that process is the space in which it takes place. For musicians, at least as far as the recording process goes, this place is the studio, and as such we thought we’d take a look at the studios of some of our favorite musicians. The contrasts on display are intriguing, from the endearingly chaotic to the pristine and very expensive, from analog to digital, from minimalist to decked out in all sorts of crazy-looking… Read More

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The All-Time Weirdest Guest Appearances on ‘The Simpsons’

So if you haven’t heard, Tom Waits was on The Simpsons last night, voicing “a gravelly voiced paranoiac” prepper and joining the long list of illustrious and not-so-illustrious guest stars who’ve graced the show since it started screening way back in 1989. His appearance got us thinking about some of the more unlikely guest stars and/or performances the show has seen over the years — and so we’ve amused ourselves after the jump selecting some of our favorites, from Johnny Cash playing a psychedelic coyote to Thomas Pynchon breaking a 40-year TV silence. Did we miss any of your favorites? Go ahead and let us know. (And advance apologies for the quality of a couple of the clips — Simpsons videos are like hen’s teeth on YouTube.) … Read More

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It’s Time to Retire the Grammys’ “Best Alternative Album” Category

The annals of music history are filled with once-specific genre names that are now functionally meaningless. “Indie rock” and “EDM” are some recent examples, but back in the ’90s, it was “alternative” that got so overused as to become meaningless. In fact, these days it’s a term whose non-nostalgic use is largely limited to various music awards shows — including the Grammys, whose 2013 nominations were announced last night. Perhaps more than ever before, this year’s crop of “Best Alternative Album” picks raises the question: What does “alternative” even mean in 2012? … Read More

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Johnny Depp’s New Compilation Album Is Packed With Dream Collaborations

Patti Smith and Johnny Depp. Tom Waits and Keith Richards. Michael Stipe and Courtney Love. These are just a few of the mind-blowing collaborations that comprise Son of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys, a sequel to the original 2006 Rogue’s Gallery covers compilation that Depp, Gore Verbinski, and Hal Willner… Read More

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