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Watch Lady Gaga Roll Around in New Perfume Ad

Lady Gaga has it all: A downward trending recording career, a friendship with music legend Tony Bennett, and now,… Read More

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A Song for Every New York Times Hipster Trend Piece

The ongoing New York Times obsession with “hipsters” continued this week with yet another lifestyle article about Williamsburg, a place that the NYT apparently thinks is still home to the Brooklyn cool set. The piece served as more confirmation that the Times is officially the only publication that still thinks the word “hipster” actually means something and/or is a cultural phenomenon worth analyzing in 2013. At this point, the paper’s ongoing obsession with Williamsburg is the journalistic equivalent of the repressed bro at school who’s secretly fascinated by the weird kids and deals with this by ridiculing them at every possible opportunity. Anyway, The Awl did a pretty spectacular job of highlighting the ongoing absurdity of the whole thing with this roundup of every characteristic that the paper has ever ascribed to hipsters (spoiler: everything, ever) — but what about the music? To help the paper out, here are some songs to soundtrack their most, um, memorable trend pieces. … Read More

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The Year in Film: The 25 Best Movies of 2012

2012’s finest films reflected ambition, risk, and advocacy. They boldly redrew the maps of genre, freshly examined the creative process, and dared us to contemplate our own mortality. And, in more traditional terms, they made us laugh, and cry, and feel alive. These are the best films of… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Remember the nude sketch that Tony Bennett did of Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair per Annie Leibovitz’s suggestion? Well, it’s now up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going to Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Bennett’s Exploring The Arts. [via NME]

2. “I have heard that Lady Gaga… Read More

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Tony Bennett’s Nude Drawings of Lady Gaga Forthcoming in Vanity Fair

Lady Gaga’s much talked about Thanksgiving special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, was actually a pretty traditional, family-friendly affair, if the truth be told. In fact, probably the only remotely shocking moment was when the pop star announced that she had posed nude for her “Lady is a Tramp” partner Tony Bennett, at the… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Cory Smoot aka Flattus Maximus, the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band GWAR, was found dead on their tour bus yesterday following a concert in Minneapolis. The cause of death is currently unknown, and according to a statement from GWAR, “at this point we are just dealing with the loss of our dear… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Thanks to the success of Duets II, 85-year-old singer Tony Bennett is now the oldest living person to top the Billboard 200. The previous record holder? Bob Dylan. [via NME]

2. Lady Gaga is suing a Chicago-based company that has been marketing a jewelry and cosmetics line that has nothing do with… Read More

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Amy Winehouse Looks Wonderful in "Body and Soul" Video

The first thing you’re bound to notice about the video for Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett’s duet, “Body and Soul,” is how healthy and strong Winehouse looks in it. She and Bennett seem to be having a wonderful time together; they chat, and she grins and laughs. We’re not religious, but we have to admit that the moment when she kisses her necklace and points heavenward even tugs at our godless heartstrings. And, of course, the duo does a beautiful job with the jazz standard. Today would have been Winehouse’s 28th birthday, and we can think of no better tribute than a video that memorializes the singer at her best. Watch the clip after the jump, and get ready to cry a little at your desk, if you’re prone to that sort of thing. … Read More

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Hear an Excerpt of Amy Winehouse’s Final Recording

With all the endless publicity, speculation and tedious moralizing that has surrounded the tragic, premature death of Amy Winehouse, it’s easy to forget that she was first and foremost a pretty great singer. With this in mind, we’re glad that a snippet of what would prove to be her last recording has surfaced online — hopefully it will refocus people’s minds away from the manner of her death and back onto what she should be remembered for: her music. Or maybe we’re just being wildly optimistic here. Either way, click through to hear a 46-second excerpt from “Body and Soul,” the duet she recorded with Tony Bennett just before she died. … Read More

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A Young Person’s Guide to Slate’s Culturally-Relevant Octogenarians

Earlier this week Slate released their list of most influential octogenarians in America for 2010, highlighting men and women who are still culturally relevant in their 80s, 90s, and beyond (rock on, Wesley E. Brown). As with every year, there are plenty of “fresh old faces” (i.e. newly-qualified icons) as well as some veterans of the list. Assuming that most of you weren’t around for World War II, we’ve pulled together a cheat-sheet to Slate’s cultural relics in the arts — because while you might know who Maurice Sendak is, you probably didn’t realize that he was 4 months old when the stock market crashed in 1929. … Read More

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