Why Do We Call Movie Previews “Trailers”?

When you work the movie beat, the question you get most often when people find out what you do is the obvious one: “So, what’s out now that’s good?” (It’s a question too often answered, particularly in early spring and late summer, with eyes cast upward and a lengthy “Ummmmm….”) But, at least in this writer’s experience, the second most oft-posed question is one that’s popped up more frequently as previews for forthcoming movies have become more omnipresent in not just film culture, but pop culture in general. Why, I am asked, are such previews called “trailers”? … Read More

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Watch Gillian Jacobs and Leighton Meester Pal Around in the ‘Life Partners’ Trailer

It’s taking entirely too long for Hollywood to recognize that Gillian Jacobs is a goddamn movie star and should… Read More

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Watch the New Trailer for ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

Matthew Vaughn is an interesting case—initially known as Guy Ritchie’s producer, his subsequent directorial efforts have, in many ways,… Read More

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Watch Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss in the First Trailer for ‘Listen Up Philip’

The idea of Jason Schwartzman playing a socially problematic yet brilliant writer isn’t exactly a new one, but writer/director… Read More

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