2010 and Beyond: Trends in Contemporary Art

Just in case you thought we were finished with the lists (ha! never), here we go again with one that’s a little more forward thinking, a little less retrograde. After debating public art, defending the New Museum, speculating about Dia, and worshiping Jerry Saltz, wethinks ’tis time to set our lovingly-etched crosshairs on what’s coming in 2010 and the following decade. Not as flippant as Charlie Finch (who teasingly predicts that Damien Hirst will “come out of the closet” and marry Banksy) or as cut-and-dry as TimeOut New York (Matisse and the Whitney Biennial, revolutionary), we like to think our crystal ball is attuned to the frequency of the art world at large. Weigh in after the… Read More

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Turquoise, Schmurqouise: Pantone’s New Color of the Year

Pantone, the paramount color matching service for the design community, delights and terrorizes the hue-minded each December when the company selects its prediction for the next year’s big trend in color. Last year, we were liberated by a marigold shade called “Mimosa,” while in 2010 we’ll apparently be oppressed by ’80s throwback turquoise — PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise to be exact, an “inviting, luminous hue combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green.” What’s that sound you hear? Must be the thousands of designers vomiting on their Common Projects sneakers. Some visual references in the key of turquoise, after the jump.… Read More

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Fight to the Decades: Are We Experiencing an ’80s or ’90s Comeback?

The ’80s are back in fashion, the Times declared this week. Waaaait a sec, we thought the ‘90s were back! How else is the preponderance of plaid we’ve seen lately to be explained? We’ve debunked the Style section before, so let’s take a look at the evidence after the jump. It’s an ’80s vs. ’90s showdown,… Read More

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