Cool Pairing of the Day: Giorgio Moroder and Skrillex to Possibly Collaborate on ‘Tron’ Soundtrack

Well, looky, looky: Giorgio Moroder, one of music’s primetime disco players, hasn’t had a major release since the… Read More

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The Dude Is an Award-winning Photographer: Jeff Bridges’ Best Behind-the-Scenes Shots

Jeff Bridges is not just The Dude, he’s THE dude: since 1982, he’s been snapping artistic photos of the sets he’s been on, some of himself, some of his directors and castmates. Last week, he was honored at the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Awards dinner as a special presenter. Here are some of the evocative black-and-white photos he took over the years. … Read More

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10 Pop Culture Cameos by Iconic Chair Designs

There’s nothing we love more than inspired cameos and iconic design so when we spied Kanye West sitting on the wonderfully whimsical but insanely priced Proust Geometrica in a music video about one of our favorite native Brooklynites, we couldn’t help but wonder what other notable chairs have popped up in music videos, movies, and maybe even on album art.

From the world’s most popular chair in Mike Mills’ indie hit Beginners to the folded felt masterpiece in Rihanna’s sadomasochistic music video to the aluminum standby that played a crucial supporting role in one of the most famous dance sequences in pop-culture history, click through to check out our survey of iconic chair sightings. Then, tell us about your favorite chair cameo in the comments! … Read More

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15 Incredible Dog Costumes Inspired by the Movies

Dogs are often good sports about letting their humans lovingly humiliate them, AKA dress them up. And let’s be honest: fawning over your dog’s duds is for the owner’s amusement, not the pup’s — which is probably how National Dress Up Your Pet Day got started. On January 14, pets around the world will be wondering how they hell they got themselves into this mess, or they’ll be thanking you for their cool costume. We were impressed by the number of film-inspired dog costumes (cats want no part in this, of course) and seeing how each dog’s personality was brought to light with a little movie magic. For inspiration, click through our gallery of incredible dog costumes past the break. … Read More

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Celebrate Cyber Monday with Film’s Creepiest Computers

If you’re reading this, you survived the consumer onslaught of last week’s Black Friday shopping massacre — congratulations. Since the two-dollar waffle maker deal at Walmart didn’t kill you, we’re going to guess you were probably smart (and sane) and waited until today, Cyber Monday, to shop for the holidays. Computers can’t mace you in the face for a doorbuster discount, but they have been known to get up to some pretty crazy things in the movies. Read on to find out what cyber entities fell obsessively in love, waged war, and created scantily clad sex objects circa 1985. Tell us your picks below. … Read More

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10 Long-Awaited Movie Sequels

When Disney spent big bucks on the making and marketing of Warren Beatty’s adaptation of the comic strip Dick Tracy back in 1990, they were hoping that it would launch a tentpole franchise along the lines of the previous summer’s Batman. And they might finally get their wish — over 20 years later. In a lengthy Q&A following a screening of Dick Tracy last Thursday (as part of the Los Angeles Times “Hero Complex Film Festival”), the famously hard-to-pin-down Beatty said, firmly, “I’m gonna make another one.” … Read More

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Science Fiction Films Reimagined as Tintin Books

Cartoonist Dan Hipp, who describes himself as someone who makes ‘nerdy pop-culture art’, has re-imagined several epic sci-fi films as Tintin covers – even changing the names to seem more Tintin-esque. Though the art definitely doesn’t evoke the same feel as the original Tintin, we love projects as dorky as this as a rule, and come on, who could possibly resist Snowy in Princess Leia braids? Click through to see a few images from Hipp’s Tintin series, and make sure to check out more of his work at his website. … Read More

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Image Gallery: Your Favorite Movies as Pictograms

Normally, we wouldn’t write about minimalist posters twice in one day, but these pictogram film posters by graphic designer Viktor Hertz are just too good not to share. As is always the case when a designer distills an entire movie into one image, it’s fascinating to see what icon he chose to represent each film. “I try to bring a twist to it, and not get too simple, he explained to My Modern Met. “I want to be unpredictable and entertaining, and make something that communicates the film instantly, yet in an original way.” Click through to check out a gallery of his work, which is available for purchase on Zazzle. … Read More

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Gallery: Great Showdowns in Film History

The pop culture-obsessed folks at Los Angeles’s Gallery1988 have done it again. We’re madly in love with Scott C’s new exhibition, The Great Showdown, at their Melrose location. The show, which runs through the 26th, features over 200 tiny watercolors depicting film’s essential match-ups, from highbrow stuff like Citizen Kane to cult classics such as Eraserhead to wonderful B-movies including Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Barbarella. (Lost fans may remember a similar series Scott C did to commemorate that show’s greatest tête-à-têtes.) See ten of our favorite showdown paintings after the jump and click over to Flavorpill for more info on visiting the exhibition. … Read More

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What’s On: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got a sneak peek at SNL’s Fred Armisen and former Sleater-Kinney guitarist/vocalist Carrie Brownstein in IFC’s new comedy Portlandia. We wondered how @anncurry feels about having the most powerful tweet of the year. We learned that Jon Favreau will not be directing Iron Man 3.… Read More

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