True Blood

‘True Blood’ Season 7 Trailer Released

You can’t just slap a few stock images and videos against a creepy/hopeful/whatever track and call it a trailer, but… Read More

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‘True Blood’ Final Season Teaser Trailer Released

Ah, the teaser trailer. While most of the time, teaser trailers tend towards teasing that leads to annoyance rather than… Read More

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HBO Announces June Dates for ‘The Leftovers’ and ‘True Blood’

The Leftovers, an upcoming series from Damon Lindelof (Lost), will premiere on June 15 at 10 PM, immediately following the season… Read More

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10 Pop Culture Sex Addicts

This week Lars von Trier’s sexual opus Nymphomanic was unleashed on the masses. The film follows one woman’s erotic journey — a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac named Joe (played by the always wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg). Of course, Von Trier isn’t the first person to explore sexual obsession. Pop culture is full of “sex addicts” who can’t control their appetite between the sheets. We found ten other insatiable characters whose libidos have been working overtime. … Read More

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Notable TV Character Deaths in 2013

If there’s one thing we can count on in America, it’s that people will band together in order to save a cartoon dog from vanishing from the boob tube forever. Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy did the unthinkable during its November 24 episode. The Griffin family’s snarky dog, Brian, was hit by a car, killed, and unceremoniously replaced by a new pup named Vinnie. Since the tragic episode aired, over 115,000 people (and counting) have signed a petition to bring the beloved character back. This year was a particularly distressing year for television audiences as many of their favorite characters bade us adieu forever — including several long-running series favorites. Tip your hats for these notable TV characters who are no longer with us. (And hey, consider this a mass spoiler alert.) … Read More

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13 of the Unluckiest Pop Culture Characters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when superstition meets a 1980′s film series about a madman in a hockey mask. If you’re reading this, you survived Friday the 13th yesterday — but for the uber paranoid, the lingering effects of the spooky occasion will hang over us like a black cloud all weekend. We’re celebrating the unluckiest time of the year with 13 of pop culture’s jinxed, ill-fated characters from film and television. Some of them deserved what they got, others are plain luckless, but we love (and love to hate) them all for one reason or another. … Read More

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These Are the Shows Flavorwire Staffers Hate-Watch

A really good question that’s been popping up in the news lately is one we’ve asked ourselves too many nights: Why do we keep watching shows we hate? We know shows like Dexter and True Blood are (or have become) terrible, but so many of us still trudge on through the muck. In the past, we’ve tried to figure out just what it is about these terrible shows that makes it so hard to tear ourselves away. Today, Flavorwire staffers describe their most masochistic TV relationships. … Read More

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Jason Stackhouse Is ‘True Blood’s’ Greatest Creation

True Blood‘s sixth season, which ended last night in a big, sparkly puddle of bloody fairy dust, was a mixed bag typical of the second half of the show’s run: campy, fun pulp; mildly alarming attempts at social commentary; a compelling central vampire narrative; several extraneous subplots; and way too many characters. Complete with one tacked-on “WTF” moment to fuel Twitter freakouts, the finale essentially followed the format we’ve come to expect. But it still managed to charm me — albeit via one of the characters least likely to fuel today’s water-cooler chatter: Jason Stackhouse. … Read More

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‘True Blood’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Shrinkage

No TV show says summer to us more than True Blood, its Southern Gothic atmosphere and pulpy pleasures providing the perfect complement to sweaty evenings spent drinking mint juleps at home after another exhausting day in the hot sun. The show alternately drives us crazy and enthralls us, and this season is proving no different — silliness abounds, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This week: an unsatisfying end to a truncated season. … Read More

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