Adorable Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls

Artist Vlad Quigley turned us on to our new favorite single-serving Tumblr: Cats That Look like Pinup Girls. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s great. The blog comes from Australian retro shop Hurly-Burly — a clothing, costumes, and kustom kulture company that specializes in pinup-style duds and sponsors Miss Pinup Australia. See some adorable kitties get languid and sassy past the break, because you aren’t doing anything else right now that deserves your attention more. … Read More

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Stylish Nail Art Inspired by Book Covers

One of the greatest pleasures of Tumblr — now officially one of America’s top ten most-trafficked websites — is the surprisingly frequent opportunity it offers to stumble upon a blog that seems to have been made just for you. Our latest such discovery, one of our all-time favorites, is Pages and Polish. Run by a literature lover named Jen, the Tumblr documents manicures inspired by the design of book covers. The source material ranges from classic novels to contemporary lit to cookbooks and art monographs. Click through to see some of the blog’s greatest hits so far — we’ve got our eye on those sparkly, Art Deco Blind Assassin nails for New Year’s z- and follow Pages and Polish to make sure you don’t miss a post. … Read More

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Witty David Lynch-Inspired Comics by a Precocious Teen Web Artist

What were you doing at age 17? We’re guessing the answer is not “gaining Tumblr-based stardom for your witty web comics whose subjects range from Twin Peaks to feminist theory.” But that’s what Canadian high schooler Séamus Gallagher — amajor7 on Tumblr — has been up to for the past year. If you use Tumblr, it’s very possible you’ve seen his drawings — many of them have racked up tens of thousands of notes on the platform. And for good reason — they’re infused with the humor and self-deprecation of a Smiths song, while addressing the cultural and social interests of young, arty internet-obsessed types. Nearly every drawing of his tickles a specific fancy of ours, or elicits a sigh of self-recognition (yes, we really are that mopey). Particularly, we have been struck by his ink portraits of David Lynch and interpretations of the filmmaker’s work (specifically the so-hip-right-now Twin Peaks). We spoke to Séamus about his Lynch obsession, how unrequited love inspires his art, and how to be famous on the internet without your parents catching on. … Read More

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Never Mind Rich Kids of Instagram, Here’s Rich Cats of Instagram

For some, Tumblr sensation Rich Kids of Instagram was a hilarious peek into the Champagne-swilling lives of wealthy teenagers. Others — such as those of us who actually had to spend our adolescent years around precisely these sorts of people —just found it depressing. But leave it to the Internet to transform the phenomenon into something everyone can enjoy: Rich Cats of Instagram, a Tumblr that replaces debauched teens with felines surrounded by pill bottles, ensconced in posh mini-dwellings, and dripping with jewelry. See some of our favorite photos from the blog below — because you’ve made it through the week and you deserve it. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we checked in with Time’s Fall Arts Preview — a look at the season’s most-anticipated films, shows, art, and more. We read the best comic ever about Drake fighting the Illuminati. We witnessed a giant bird in a man suit. We enjoyed 11 of the best… Read More

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Awesome Tumblr Alert: Illustrations of Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them

People with tattoos must get sick of answering strangers’ questions, but we’ll never tire of speculating about all the distinctive body art walking the sidewalk runway of the city’s daily fashion show. Thankfully, The Rumpus editor Isaac Fitzgerald has devised a way for us to satisfy our curiosity without being rude — and… Read More

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The ‘Texts from Hillary’ Team Is Calling It Quits

Yesterday, we were gleefully reporting that Hillary Clinton had given her official blessing to the fantastic Texts from Hillary meme, even going so far as to send in her own submission. Today, we’ve got much sadder news about everyone’s favorite Tumblr of the moment: the creators of the site, Adam Smith… Read More

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The Best Single-Serving Animated GIF Tumblrs

Remember how we all thought animated GIFs were going to go away once we got tired of Hampster Dance and the dancing baby and… all those other dancing things? Well, they didn’t — after fading from pop culture for a few years, they eventually became bigger than ever on platforms like Tumblr, replacing the actual words of internet users who would rather use a clip from Glee to convey their emotions. Even though they may be suffering hitting a saturation point, we love GIFs — and we especially love hilarious GIFs that have nothing to do with anything. And what’s more irrelevant than a single-serving Tumblr, we ask you? Nothing! Here are some of our current favorites; let us know yours in the comments. … Read More

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Essential Tumblrs for Film Fans

Evolving from a small, experimental community into a widely used network with some of the best content on the web, Tumblr has quickly proven its worth. For the film lover, there is a vast array of high quality content ranging from behind the scenes thoughts on the moviemaking process, to cinematic art and gorgeous film stills, and creatively curated takes on favorite celluloid moments. We’ve compiled a list of a few essential Tumblrs that cineastes should thoroughly enjoy. See what insightful, inspiring, and fun blogs we’ve shared after the jump, and tell us about your favorite Tumblrs below. … Read More

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Classic Albums Covers Remade with Clip Art

Tumblr is apparently the best thing that’s happened to album covers since Andy Warhol. Last week, we were fascinated and depressed by a blog that Photoshops dead musicians out of classic record sleeves; today, we’re giggling through Clipart Covers, a Tumblr that recreates album covers using clip art and Comic Sans. Enjoy amusingly remixed art for everyone from Neutral Milk Hotel to NWA after the jump, and follow Clipart Covers to see more wonderful remakes and request some of your own. … Read More

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