Old Master Artworks Photographed on Turntables

Masters on 45s is a new series from Israeli photographer Tamir Sher who took his turntable, attached images of Old Master artworks, and shot photos of the classic paintings and sculptures while rotating them at various speeds. It’s a contemporary twist on timeless masterworks that reinterprets their meaning and creates a surreal visual style. Sher has also taken the same blurry, dizzying approach with toys — placing superhero action figures onto the record player and spinning them for the camera. Check out Sher’s rotating gallery of old school art made new past the break. … Read More

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10 Awesome Animations Found in Very Unusual Places

Recently, we spotted Katy Beveridge‘s amazing bicycle wheel animation, where she channeled the zoetrope to turn her bike’s wheels into a delightful moving piece of art, over at Colossal. The work got us to thinking about other unusual spots for animations, whether built into turntables, sent down miniature tracks or painted frame by frame on city walls. As it turns out, you can turn almost anything into an animation. Click through to see our collection of animations in unusual places, and we bet that like us, you’ll start to see everything that moves with a new eye. … Read More

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Watch Christian Marclay’s Turntable Performance Circa 1989

Hip-hop’s pioneers — Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Herc, and Grandmaster Flash — are often acclaimed as the originators of the cut and paste technique in music: a boogie down brand of sonic collage. But, while they were rocking the block, artist Christian Marclay was sculpting his own intricately offbeat soundscapes. Perhaps more famous for dissecting clocks, the performer appeared on the late 80’s series Night Music, hosted by jazz cat David Sanborn, showcasing his adventures on the wheels of steel.

As WFMU points out, the show’s guest list was a veritable who’s who of experimental sounds, with Pere Ubu, John Zorn, Diamanda Galas, and others performing for the telly. This 1989 performance by Marclay finds the artist mixing up raw electronics with a bit of exotica — textured, dissonant, abrasive turntablism. He creates a disorienting weave of textures, lurching from a music concrete style barrage of bleeps to soothing tropical sounds. Using skips and pops etched into the discs to create repetitive rhythms, Marclay’s desecration of dusty LPs creates a beguiling synthesis. It’s a discomforting sound, but that’s what we love most about these uneasily pleasing early works. Hit the jump for the video: and brace for the horror that is Sanborn’s hair. … Read More

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Exclusive: Scratch DJ Academy’s Rob Principe Talks Ones and Twos

Heralded far and wide as the world’s most fader-friendly school, New York’s Scratch Academy offers the closet thing to a bona fide DJ degree you’re ever going to get. Founded with the help of Jam Master Jay and predicated on the idea that anyone can learn to be a DJ, the school has rallied a teaching roster that includes the likes of Cosmo Baker, Rob Smith, and Grandmaster Caz.

In line with its core mission of education, co-founder Rob Principe recently released The Scratch DJ Academy Guide with the help of writers Luke Crissell and Phil White. Featuring contributions from more than 40 notable DJs – including Q-Bert, DJ Z-Trip, Grand Master Flash, Richie Hawtin, BT, and Pete Tong – the book outlines the DJ lifestyle and gives an overview of the school’s basic curriculum.

In the wake of my own lesson at the academy, Principe chatted with Flavorwire about his worst DJ mishap, what it’s like to teach Doctors and porn stars at the same time, and how it’s not impossible to skip a skipless record. … Read More

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Baby Scratch: Battling it Out at DJ Academy [Photo Gallery]

It’s well known that in my DC college days I was a supreme selector (on more than one occasion I was dubbed Grandmasta P by drunks). Of course, that was old-school Andy. In preparation for a forthcoming interview with Scratch DJ Academy co-founder Rob Principe about his new book, I decided it… Read More

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