Guessing Game: Minimalist Posters of Iconic Painters

A few months ago we posted a set of thought-provoking and clever minimalist posters of iconic TV shows by Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński of re:design. Now, the graphic design team is  back with a new series of  posters, this time paying tribute to iconic painters. The series, which we spotted via Design Taxi, sticks with the original format, and using three symbols to depict artistic greats. Some of the posters are no-brainers, while others needed a bit more in-depth analysis. Click through to put your art history knowledge to the test and then head over to their website to find out if your deciphering skills are up to par. … Read More

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Our Favorite Female Ensembles on Television

In glancing at tomorrow’s new DVD releases, one title jumped out as being worthy of our little spotlight: yes, tomorrow marks the unveiling of Designing Women: The Final Season. Not that the ’92-’93 year was one of their best — it did feature the third and decidedly lesser version of the cast (Delta Burke and Jean Smart 4eva) and the writers were kind of running on fumes. Still, mediocre Designing Women is better than none at all; this was, after all, one of the best female ensemble shows in TV history. We nearly called it the best, and then realized what a tall claim that is. In contrast to the moving pictures, where you can barely find two important women’s roles in the same movie, television is full of crackerjack female ensembles; we’ve assembled our ten favorites after the jump, and if you’re the kind of person who thinks Sex and the City will be on it, you should prepare yourself for disappointment now. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: TV’s Best Confessions of Love

The great thing about Louie is that you never know what’s coming — like last season for instance, when our titular leading man professed his love to Pamela in the middle of a NYC flea market. We admit we’re suckers for a good love poem — or any will they/won’t they scenario (even if, as in the case of Louie, it’s almost positively “they won’t”). TV viewers do, after all, tend to be hopeless romantics, spending hours living vicariously through fictional characters and then using every excuse to talk about them… or make supercuts about their love lives (see below). Have some time to kill before tonight’s season premiere of Louie? Perhaps it would help to watch some of the best small-screen confessions of love, and to share your own favorites in the comments. There’s no shame here.  … Read More

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10 Books to Fill the ‘Girls’-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Last weekend, Lena Dunham’s much talked about HBO show Girls aired its season finale, and though like everyone else, we had our quibbles with the program, we’re finding ourselves more than a little sorry that we don’t have a new episode to look forward to tonight. There’s nothing like it on television, so while we wait for the second season, we thought we’d indulge in a little Girls-esque reading to slake our lust for realistic female friendships, uncomfortable-but-brilliant sex scenes, and bitingly accurate portrayals of semi-lost 20-somethings. Click through to see our recommendations for books to fill the Girls-shaped hole in your life (or just in your Sundays), and if you feel inspired, feel free to add to our list in the comments. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, our faith in humanity was restored after looking at these photos. We read what Jeff Daniels had to say about HBO’s The Newsroom and more. We looked at the remnants of World’s Fairs across the world. We wondered if our cats and dogs would hate us if… Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: The Wisdom of Our TV Mothers

If there’s one thing moms love to give, it’s advice. This Mother’s Day we’re repaying the gift by celebrating the pantheon of great (and famously not-so-great) TV mothers and the wisdom they’ve bestowed over the years, on topics ranging from defeatism and birth control to gender equality and community chip bowls/showers. In our Mother’s Day supercut, you’ll also learn about the perilous nature of back-talk, taking a joke too far, and listening to Betty Draper. We hope you’ll tell us about the television mothers you’re most thankful for in the comments, because lord knows they don’t hear it enough. … Read More

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Pop-Culture Characters Who Would Make Perfect Couples

When you’re as obsessed with pop culture as we are, you can’t help wondering what would happen if some of your favorite characters could break out of the confines of their individual universes and get to connect. Not that this doesn’t occasionally happen, but it’s not often enough to stop us predicting things like which TV characters would be friends in real life (or literary characters, for that matter). Our latest musing along these lines took us into more romantic territory, as we started to imagine which far-flung pop-culture characters were practically made for each other. In fact, some of them were so obvious, we’re amazed we didn’t make the (love) connection before. Join us as we play matchmaker for everyone from Harry Potter to Sookie Stackhouse, and then let us know what you think the chances are for these star-crossed couples in the comments. … Read More

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20 TV Mean Girls We Secretly Love

From the tough ladies on Game of Thrones and Revenge to the recent additions of sardonic “gal pal” Jessa Johansson (Girls) and James Van Der Beek’s equally self-absorbed BFF Chloe (B—- in Apartment 23), audiences are quite taken with TV’s latest mean girl class. The “B” (of Apt. 23) has even been called “one of the first truly 21st century chicks on TV.” While we don’t endorse girl-on-girl hate in real life, striking that perfect balance of evilness and likability is a difficult thing for a character to do, and we’d like to give a shout out to the women who have done this with aplomb over the years. Click through to see the mean girls we not-so-secretly love, and please share your favorites in the comments! … Read More

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Guessing Game: Minimalist Posters of Iconic TV Shows

Inspired by the brilliant work of Albert Exergian, graphic design team Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński of re:design have created a set of minimalist posters that pay homage to 15 popular TV shows in just three icons. While some of them are pretty obvious, others took us a while longer to figure out. Click through to put your TV knowledge to the test, and then head over to their website to find out if your guesses are correct. … Read More

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12 TV Shows We Can’t Believe Aren’t on DVD

Taking a glance at today’s new DVD releases (as we do on many a groggy Tuesday morn), we noticed the continuation of a disturbing pattern. Happily Divorced: Season One. The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete Fifth Season. Transformers Prime: Season One. “Fan Favorite” collections featuring the “best” of Hogan’s Heroes and Macgyver — since every season of those shows has already been released. And the question we ask (aside from “who the hell is buying this stuff”) is this: How is it that we get every single episode of Fran Drescher’s new TV Land sitcom a mere seven months after they aired, but we’re still waiting for our Wonder Years DVDs?

After the jump, we’ll take a look at a dozen great (or at least interesting) TV shows that are inexplicably unavailable on DVD, and try to figure out why. … Read More

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