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10 Famous TV Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

In honor of Friends‘ 20th anniversary, Central Perk — complete with its massive couch — is about to become a reality this fall in SoHo. While the coffee shop will only be temporary, however, there are plenty of TV landmarks that remain long after the camera crews leave. Here’s a collection of famous locations from rural Washington to the south of England that aren’t a Hollywood backlot. … Read More

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35 Incredible ‘Twin Peaks’ Tattoos

This week saw the release of the complete Twin Peaks series on Blu-ray — just in time for the show’s 25th anniversary in April 2015. Lynch mania has been at an all-time high for the past several years, and rumors continue to swirl about a new movie. But in the meantime, there’s something incredibly dark and dreamy about Lynch’s TV series that continues to draw people in — and ink themselves in the ultimate act of fandom. We searched high and low to find some of the finest Twin Peaks-inspired… Read More

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The 6 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Weezer, M.I.A. & Partysquad

Weezer is back! M.I.A. gets pissed with ass-shaking EDM! Diplo spells Andre Agassi’s name wrong! A great week for upbeat music (and if you’re looking for something more chill, consider Slow Magic’s “Hold Still” or the new Jessie Ware song.) Let’s dig in.

… Read More

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Why ‘Gilmore Girls’ Was Secretly a ‘Twin Peaks’ Tribute Show

Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s incredible snowflake of a television show that aired for two magnificent seasons in 1990 and 1991, left quite the legacy in its wake. By blowing apart the typical small-town myths of ’50s Americana with lost dead girls, dorky FBI agents, and trouble with a capital T, Lynch (and Frost, I guess, but you only remember Lynch) haunted our dreams with the show’s indelible images. And it’s lingered — nearly every year we get a Twin Peaks imitator of sort, whether it’s The Killing, Pretty Little LiarsVeronica Mars, or countless others. Fox’s Wayward Pines, due later this year, is nearly a Twin Peaks rip-off, with straitlaced secret service agent Matt Dillon finding nothing but weirdness and trees in a small town with a very big crime. … Read More

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Intricate Portraits of ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters Drawn on Postcards

Few shows inspire as much devotion as Twin Peaks, and with devotion comes fan art. The latest visual ode to David Lynch’s delightfully odd murder mystery/small-town soap opera is a series of illustrated postcards from artist Paul Willoughby, created for a 20th-anniversary exhibition of Twin Peaks-releated art at London’s Menier Gallery, which we spotted at Dangerous Minds. Willoughby depicts the series’ distinctive main characters on the back of postcards showing off the Pacific Northwest landscape that gave Twin Peaks its unique look. Click through for Willoughby’s versions of Special Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer — dead and alive — and all the rest. … Read More

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Cinema’s Neighbors from Hell

The bro comedy is growing up. This weekend, Seth Rogen and company show us what happens when one couple’s domestic bliss is torn asunder by a wily and wild frat house that moves in next door. Our own Jason Bailey praised the film for “sharing a perspective that ages with [its] audience,” as Neighbors swaps the guy-and-his-bro buddy comedy trope for a guy and his wife (Rogen and Rose Byrne). The heads of the frat, played by Zac Efron and Dave Franco, supply an endless stream of nauseating, juvenile antics to keep everyone on their toes. Frat bros make for difficult neighbors, but they’re certainly not the worst we’ve seen in cinema. Here are ten other movie neighbors from hell. … Read More

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“Some People Like to Have a Meaning, and Some People Don’t Care”: The Zen Koans of David Lynch at the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Paul Holdengräber, the Director of Public Programs at The New York Public Library and founder and director of LIVE from the NYPL, is an elegant man who has an air of the European intellectual about him, with a tendency to quote obscure works from 22-year-old German writers from ages ago in a continental accent. He is a great interviewer, trying to get into the psychology of the artist and the mystery behind their work. David Lynch, the greatest and most influential film director of the past 30 years, is an elegant man in a three-piece suit with a plume of white hair reaching towards the sky; he is like a Sunday funnies newspaper cartoon of a Midwesterner, with a squeaky voice, impeccable manners, and a genial folksiness that would make the average grasping politician jealous. When Lynch says “guys,” “girls,” and “folks,” he means it, and doesn’t sound coached to death (unlike any Obama speech). Things are “magical,” “beautiful,” “amazing,” and are about “dreams,” in his world, in perfect sincerity. … Read More

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The Muppets as ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters: Who Killed Miss Piggy?

The earnestness that fuels Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper could also be pretty applicable to another much-loved character: Kermit the Frog. In fact, it’s kind of spooky to see how easily The Muppets take to the world of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks. In Justin DeVine’s paintings (spotted via Welcome to Twin Peaks), the Muppets have a damn fine cup of coffee, the Log Lady is Fozzie Bear, and it’s all very, very amusing. So far, DeVine has done six watercolor portraits in pen and ink, and he’s promising more. Keep an eye on his Tumblr. … Read More

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