Is Hathahatred a Cause of Coronary Heart Disease?: Links You Need to See

Because a new study has (sort of) found a correlation between trolling/bullying/being cynical on Twitter and dying in life, I’ve resolved to make this an overwhelmingly positive post: whatever is here discussed will be done in such a way that I won’t suffer from coronary heart disease. I’ll remain so positive as to not express any skepticism whatsoever re: the frequency of “scientific studies” that sound like the attention-grabbing biological equivalent of, well, an inflammatory Twitter post. The study in question, it turns out, just suggests that people who participate in cantankerous Twitter communities are more likely to drink, eat poorly, and cut themselves off from society — all of which are said to lead to coronary heart disease. Of course, if these people are being miserable on Twitter, they’re likely similarly miserable in life, and thus we’ve really learned very little. Except to stay positive and see everything, including this thing in which we learned very little, as an important learning experience. … Read More

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#JeSuisGroot Protests Groot’s Oscar Snub

Oscar nominations were released this morning, and just like every other time the Academy has unveiled its list of nominees,… Read More

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10 Nonfiction Books That Will Define the Conversation in 2015

With the advent of a new year, there’s a whole new fleet of books on deck that we’ll have the chance to read and argue about throughout 2015. Whether it’s history, biography, the endless parade of celebrity brand-extension books (we’ll learn what Aziz Ansari has found out about “modern romance” in the age of Tinder, and chuckle at Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me? ), “diary” books by writers like Sarah Manguso and Heidi Julavits, Stacy Schiff’s long-in-the-works book about the Salem witch trials (October 2015), or memoir, there’s a book for every possible interest this year. Here’s are ten that people are sure to be talking about, on topics ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to American tragedies of the past and present. … Read More

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“Je Suis Charlie” Appears in Different Languages on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Website

After the shooting at the offices of Parisian satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo left 12 dead and 4 critically injured this… Read More

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Death to Faux Generational Outrage: ‘Who the Fuck Is X Musician?’ Tweets Aren’t News

As if festival season weren’t bad enough for adults already, the “who the fuck is X?” social media trend — and the press’ subsequent obsession with pointing out the generational gap or lack of cultural awareness that sits at the heart of it — needs to die a slow, horrendous death until nary a “Let Me Google That For You” joke is left. … Read More

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YouTube Megastar Zoella’s Record-Breaking Debut Novel Was Ghostwritten, But Fans Don’t Care

In the beginning, there was YouTube. Then, a little later, there was Zoë Sugg, a young woman with a dream. When those two things merged, they formed Zoella, vlogger extraordinaire, lover of all things “Beauty, Fashion, & Life.” Next came fame and fortune and millions of YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers. Finally, last month, Zoella’s new novel arrived. It is titled Girl Online, and now it’s the fastest-selling debut novel of all time.

But! Last weekend, Sugg’s publisher, Penguin Random House, admitted that the novel was “factually” not written by Sugg. “To be factually accurate you would need to say Zoe Sugg did not write the book Girl Online on her own,” they said. Then, on Twitter, Sugg, admitted that the novel was ghostwritten by committee. And not just a little bit ghostwritten. The entire thing, as it turns out, was ghostwritten, except for the ideas for the characters and the story. Here is Sugg’s “confession”: … Read More

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