#twitterpurge: A Worst-Case Scenario That Proves Twitter Needs to Take Responsibility For Its Platform

#twitterpurge: it’s a hashtag that trended on Twitter over the weekend and remains popular today, inspired by The Purge, a movie that depicts a world in which all crime is legal for one night every year. A slew of awful people took the idea of applying the concept to Twitter as their cue to spend an hour posting anything they wanted on the platform. The result? A whole lot of revenge porn images, many of which appear to depict girls under the age of 18. The thing is, kids: that is illegal, and there’s no magical Purge-esque amnesty to save your hides. It’s remarkable this hasn’t been reported more, because we’re talking about Twitter apparently being used for the mass distribution of images that legally qualify as child pornography. Even more remarkable is the fact that Twitter seems disinclined to take proactive steps to stop it. … Read More

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25 Photos of Patrick Stewart Being Adorable

Happy birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart. The English actor has done it all. He brought a newfound respect to the Star Trek series as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. There aren’t many actors who can balance a long-running role in a comic book franchise (the X-Men film series) alongside a prolific stage career with the Royal Shakespeare Company. And Stewart just wrapped a critically acclaimed Broadway run of Waiting for Godot with dear friend Ian McKellen. Since Stewart joined Twitter we’ve been treated to a number of fabulous photos that reveal the star’s sillier side — and his heartfelt relationship with McKellen and wife Sunny Ozell. In honor of the esteemed actor’s birthday, we’re celebrating with a series of pics that showcase Stewart at his most adorable. … Read More

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“Second Screens” at Movie Theaters Isn’t Just a Terrible Idea — It’s a Nonsensical One

Well, here we go again. Over the weekend, a piece in the Kansas City Star (picked up and syndicated across the country) floated the specter that sends a chill down any true movie lover’s spine: movies as a “second screen” experience. “The movie industry is working on ways to make smartphones, tablets and even built-in screens in seats a key part of the experience,” writes the Star’s Molly Duffy, “both before the movie and, more disturbing to some patrons, during the movie.” We’ve been down this road before, as recently as last summer, when venture capitalist Hunter Walk suggested “reinventing the movie theater” to accommodate terrible people who can’t go two hours without peering into their iPhone, and commentator Anil Dash insisted that anyone who had a problem with this behavior was an “oppressive asshole.” But last summer, this was all abstract. Duffy tracked down the clowns who want to make it concrete. … Read More

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A Guide to Celebrities Who Are the Absolute Worst On Social Media

Ah, yes, celebrities: they’re just like us. Which means some of them are just as annoying as your aunt on Facebook, as unnecessarily cranky as your old college roommate on Twitter, and as insufferable as your #humblebrag colleague on Instagram. They’re basically The Worst, with the icing on the cake being that they have a built-in web audience since they’re celebrities. Here’s a guide to the worst offenders, from Ted Nugent to Jason Biggs to… Read More

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Morrissey Tweets We’d Like to See

In case you haven’t already noticed the Internet going insane, here’s the news of the day: Morrissey has joined Twitter. So far he’s only tweeted once, but that hasn’t stopped us from amusing ourselves thinking up tweets we’d love to see (or, in some cases, are fully prepared to cringe over) from the man who’s started more fights over the years than pretty much anyone in the world of music. Just think of the amount of people he could have constructive discussions with! And Twitter lends itself so well to reasoned debate! What could possibly go wrong? … Read More

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Daniel Kibblesmith, the Man Behind the Hilarious @GOPTeens, on Trolling Republicans and DMing Rand Paul

Chicago-based comedy writer Daniel Kibblesmith is an unsung hero when it comes to trolling Twitter users. The former Groupon copywriter and current Onion News Network contributor is responsible for a handful of Twitter accounts aimed at confusing — and entertaining — the masses. His greatest achievement so far is GOPTeens, an account written in the style of someone’s uncool dad (complete with an overabundance of hashtags) trying to prove how hip conservative values are. I corresponded with Kibblesmith via email to find out where the idea came from, discuss the hilariously mixed reactions he receives on Twitter, and ask what he’d really tell the youth of America. … Read More

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A Eulogy for Twitter

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