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Tyler, The Creator and Erykah Badu to Appear in Upcoming Police Brutality-Themed Episode of ‘Black Dynamite’

Tyler, The Creator and Erykah Badu will make cameos in an upcoming episode of the Adult Swim blaxploitation parody, Black… Read More

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Music! Makes the People! Come Together! : Links You Need to See

It’s not anything new that music makes you happy. I mean, just last week it was proven that even sad music makes you happy! But today in particular there’s such a bounty of musical feel-good to be had. And not all of it is from expected venues: … Read More

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Exclusive Photo Gallery: Governors Ball 2014

Last year, Governors Ball was mud-drenched anarchy, so the festival organizers were due some good luck, and some good weather, this year. They got both — there was no rain at all, and as such, the 2014 incarnation of Governors Ball was a whole lot more fun that last year’s. Happily, our ace photographer Andrew Boyle was in attendance again, camera in hand, to bring you the best of the weekend’s action. Click through for an epic, exclusive photo gallery of what went down on Randall’s Island this time round: the people, the performers, the giant inflatable… Read More

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Tyler, the Creator Is Not a Naïve “Kid” — Chaos Is His Brand

One of the biggest headlines to come out of SXSW was the arrest of Tyler, the Creator, who allegedly incited a riot during his show Thursday. It was a weird week for the Odd Future leader, whose set at the Mohawk the previous night was canceled following the tragic car crash that transpired outside the club, precisely where many of his fans had been waiting. So it would be understandable to think that Tyler might have headed into Thursday’s show wanting to forget the horrific events of the previous 18 hours, with which he was involved by simply agreeing to do his job. He wil’ed out Thursday in attempt to leave behind Wednesday’s tragedy, but in doing so he nearly caused another.

… Read More

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10 Celebrities We Wish Would Quit Twitter

Former married couple Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold recently destroyed each other on Twitter over, well, divorced couple stuff. Barr was not happy after Arnold tweeted about giving his old wedding videos to Goodwill, and the resulting feud was not just biting (“I’ve got old wedding videos from several women. Why you think it’s all about YOU? Good lord I feel sorry for Monsanto with you on their asses”), but pretty depressing. It was like listening to your parents fight, and hearing it all through social media made it that much worse. Both of them could probably use a break from Twitter, as well as the following ten celebrities. … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this new weekly feature, our editorial staffers each recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed the most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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Exclusive: Play Tyler, the Creator Bingo!

As we discussed yesterday, for all that Tyler, the Creator’s new album Wolf is a listening experience that’s alternately intriguing and infuriating, it must be said that it’s largely the latter. So, if you’re going to listen to the record, we suggest that you do so with the aid of our exclusive Tyler, the Creator bingo card. Tick off his repeated lyrical tropes and eventually you’ll win… well, nothing, really, but it’s fun anyway. You may notice something of a theme across the card — but hey, we didn’t have to include a rape square this time around, so that’s progress, right? … Read More

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Why Do We Still Care About Tyler, the Creator?

Really, what is there to say about a Tyler, the Creator album in 2013? Wolf is out tomorrow, and you’ve probably already made your mind up about it, whether you’ve heard it or not. For his part, Tyler claims he doesn’t care what reviewers have to say, and neither do his oh-so-charming fans. This is a record that exists as a fait accompli, the creation of someone who’s done a prize job of trolling the music industry for the best part of three years, whose entire career consists of professionally Not Giving A Fuck. … Read More

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The Most Hilariously Bizarre Commercials Starring Musicians

If you’re a brand seeking some measure of credibility with the kidz, the concept of getting a musician to flog your product for you makes perfect sense — the only problem is how you go about doing so without making it look like a crass commercial cash grab that will arouse only contempt in your target audience. This dilemma has led to some pretty bizarre advertisements over the years, some successful, some rather less so. Anyway, in light of the glut of such adverts recently (in the last month or so, there have been recent ads starting Billy Corgan, Wayne Coyne, and Tyler, the Creator) we thought we’d round up some of the weirdest we could find, both past and present. … Read More

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Rah Digga Hits Back at Tyler, the Creator in Epic Diss Track

Tyler, the Creator has always had lady problems — but never like this before. As Clutch reports, Rah Digga has dropped a diss track aimed at the Odd Future rapper, in response to both some nasty tweets he sent her and his homophobic lyric about MC Lyte (“Let’s get it poppin’ like MC Lyte, around some dykes/I’m, out this bitch like hocus pocus/And me and Lucas got a couple of pickles,” from “Rella”). Called “The Nigga in Me,” Rah Digga’s song includes such biting lyrics as, “Fuck is you creatin’, son, a whole generation / Of some, hey Horton, skateboardin’, worshippin’ Satan asses / Bingein’ on drugs, somebody get me the gloves / I don’t think they need deals, man, I think they need hugs / And I was trying to support this young black man / It’s too bad you probably lost your only black fan.” Tyler has already responded in typical fashion, i.e. via Twitter. Listen to Rah Digga’s track after the jump and let us know whose side you’re taking. … Read More

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