The Case Against Typewriters

First, Tom Hanks shocked and awed us with “Alan Bean Plus Four,” a casual reminder of baby boomer tyranny masquerading as short fiction in the New Yorker (of all places). Next, Hanks revealed that he is working on a collection of these gems, a book inspired by his perverse fetish for typewriters. Finally, the conductor of the Polar Express completed his reign of terror, his omne trium perfectum, by reminding us that the whole thing — both the New Yorker story and the collection of typewriter porn — is nothing but a setup for Hanx Writer, his already-existing, bestselling typewriter app for the iPad. … Read More

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Gorgeous Typewriters to Combat Digital Fatigue

UPPERCASE Magazine, a beautifully designed publication with a tagline that tells us that they’re “for the creative and curious” has launched a DIY Kickstarter-esque campaign to raise funds for a large format, 244-page ode to our favorite retro creative companion titled The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine.

So much more than a welcome splash of color in workspaces dominated by Apple’s well-designed, albeit impersonal, products, the typewriter is a symbol of a simpler creative life. As the book’s concept explains, “the influence of the typewriter has been significant. Most notably, typewriters brought women into the workforce, contributing to emancipation. Great works of literature have been composed with them. The once ubiquitous office tool has had integral roles in film, art and popular culture, elevating it to iconic status.”

Thanks to Etsy, our favorite virtual marketplace championing very-very small business, an awesome vintage typewriter of your own is but a few deft keystrokes away. From the portable model favored by Bob Dylan to Olivetti’s iconic “anti-machine machine for use anyplace but an office,” click through to check out some of the most gorgeous and inspiring typewriters available online today. Kids, they call it a comeback. … Read More

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Artfully Repurposed Vintage Printing Devices

We really appreciate our modern conveniences, but sometimes we like to romance the memories of vintage printing implements. You know, the kind you can’t carry everywhere, were composed of clackety metal parts, and required ink that smudged across your paper. Even if you’ve never used something like a typewriter before, the machines have a nostalgic allure few can resist. After spotting a metropolis made from printing press letters on Juxtapoz — which we’ve featured for you past the break — we felt inspired to search out other artworks that use vintage printing devices in amazing ways. Click through our gallery to see how a few typewriters and other tools have been reborn. … Read More

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Vintage Typewriter Tins Make You Hate Your Computer

Janine Vangool has always been fascinated with typewriters and typewriter ephemera, which inspired her to start a colorful collection of vintage typewriter tins. (Ribbons were packaged this way until around the 1960s.) The various images and typography used on these rounded beauties showcases the history of the typewriter, but also a history of design and advertising dating back to the early 1900s. While the tins inspire nostalgia for inky keys and a time when people had to carefully consider their choice of words before they let their fingers do the talking, they also exist as stunning little works of art all on their own. Click through to check out some of the tins in this great collection. … Read More

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Wanted: A Typewriter That Transforms Words into Cocktails

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite words would taste like, then rejoice, as the machine of our dreams has finally surfaced: a typewriter that swirls vocabulary into cocktails. Created by the artist behind Morskoiboy.com, the strange idea’s inception prompted months of trial and error, sketching, fine-tuning, and building to finally bring us the sensory experience-granting contraption. Composed of drugstore finds —  keys are replaced with syringes, while clear pipes rule out traditional wiring — the innovative machine converts words into colors and drinks via a main line of alcohol that is infused with rainbow-hued syrups and liqueurs every time a letter is pressed.  As you dig through your lexicon and imagine what words you’d like to indulge in, watch a video about the making of this game-changing invention and see some pictures of the finished product below. … Read More

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71 Things You Didn’t Know About Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie, A Streecar Named Desire, The Rose Tattoo, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof — all plays that wouldn’t have existed if Tennessee Williams hadn’t existed first. The American playwright did more to transform 20th-century theater than anyone else, and to celebrate the 71 years of his life we bring you 71 facts about the man whose birthday falls on March 26. After the jump, learn about a schizophrenic sister, a distant father, and a lonely son who felt compelled to write. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Todd McLellan’s Deconstructed Typewriter

As part of his new Disassembly project, artist Todd McLellan is dissecting all sorts of gadgets: alarm clocks, cameras, telephones. Since we tend to have typewriters on the brain, we’re loving this photo, in which he’s stripped one down to what seems like a million odd, tiny parts and arranged in a comfortingly harmonious fashion. Check… Read More

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Video of the Day: History of the Typewriter Recited By Michael Winslow

Recently, Police Academy star Michael Winslow decided to tongue mimic the history of the typewriter and have the whole thing filmed. This mini-film stretches over twenty minutes in length but between the hilarity of Michael Winslow’s faces as he click-clicks through the various typewriters and the constant awareness you feel of how cool it is to be gaining knowledge about typewriters in such an unconventional way, the twenty minutes doesn’t seem so… Read More

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