Stereotyping You by Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Sex Jam

If you’re looking to show your significant other a proper Valentine’s Day, you need a proper soundtrack to go along with it. Whether you’re the type who spends bags of money to hire a violin quartet to accompany your romantic dinner or a straight-up slow-jams fan, V-Day requires just the right amount of mood music. … Read More

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U2 Talks New Album, Mandela

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The 20 All-Time Worst Song Lyrics About Sex

Justin Timberlake’s new single “TKO” dropped last week, and because we are professionals, we forced ourselves to listen to it despite the fact that it starts with the refrain, “She killed me with that coochie-coochie-coo.” The song doesn’t get a whole lot better, to be honest, but that particular line is surely the least appetizing sex-related lyric of the year (honestly, who uses the word “cooch” outside of high school?!), and it started an intra-office conversation about where it rates in the pantheon of hilariously awful sex lyrics. Here are the results of our highly scientific discussion: a giggle-inducing survey of the worst of the worst. You’re welcome. … Read More

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In Search of Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck

We surely can’t be the only ones who suppressed a shudder when we saw the title of My Morning Jacket songwriter Jim James’ new solo album: Regions of Light and Sound of God. As it turns out, the title doesn’t necessarily mean that James has gone born-again on our hellbound asses, but either way, we have to admit that our reaction did rather have us reassessing our own prejudices: would James going all Christian necessarily mean that the resultant album would suck massively? We have to say that the answer is probably no — some of our favorite songwriters have addressed matters of faith over the years, after all. And so in payment for our, ahem, sins, we’ve put together a collection of Christian music that doesn’t suck. (Spoiler: sorry Creed and Christian hardcore fans, our charity only goes so far.) … Read More

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Musicians and Their Private Jets: A Timeline in Photos

Whenever we watch any sort of Rolling Stones documentary, there’s almost always footage of the band frolicking around their personalized private jet with a half dozen half-naked girls. Inspired by such a display, we’ve created a timeline of famous musicians who have been photographed with (and aboard) their very own private planes. Let it be known — as time progresses, the photos aren’t as cool (and neither are the musicians, really), but go ahead and check ‘em out anyway. Click through for our Flavorwire roundup of musicians and their private jets, then hit the comments to lend us your thoughts. … Read More

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10 Fascinating Early Demos by Famous Musicians

We do still read the NME, god help us, and as such we were interested to see this feature about dodgy demos of classic songs on their website a couple of days back. Setting aside the question of whether anything ever recorded by Muse can ever be considered a “classic” (spoiler: no), the piece did get us thinking about early demos from our favorite musicians, especially in light of the recent reissue of Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights, which comes with a bunch of studio outtakes and other rarities. Anyway, we thought we’d run with the idea and share some early demos by some of our other favorite bands, which we think make for pretty fascinating listening. Let us know if you have any you’d like to share. … Read More

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10 Great Rock Albums Produced by Electronic Musicians

It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised once in a while, and Free Reign, the new album by UK band Clinic, has been on high rotation here at Flavorpill of late. We’ve always rather liked Clinic’s work, but we’ll be honest — we didn’t expect to enjoy this record nearly as much as we have been. Perhaps the most notable thing about Free Reign in comparison to Clinic’s other records is just how interesting its production and general sound is, which is perhaps not surprising since Oneohtrix Point Never assumed production duties. There have been plenty of examples of electronic artists producing songs for rock-inclined types over the years, everything from Giorgio Moroder working with Blondie on “Call Me” to Alec Empire collaborating with the John Spencer Blues Explosion and, um, Chris Cornell working with Timbaland on the ill-fated Scream. Here are some of our favorites. Did we miss any? … Read More

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The All-Time Coolest Author/Musician Collaborations

Collaborations between musicians and authors seem obvious, like they should happen all the time, but the truth is, good ones don’t come along that often. Earlier this month, however, author, poet, and memoirist Mary Karr released her first album, Kin, in collaboration with country singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell, and boy is it good. Though we might be a little biased since we’ve always been die-hard Mary Karr fans, we love the album, which combines Karr’s sublime poetry with Crowell’s formidable musical talent. Inspired by their collaboration, we got to thinking about other fantastic author/musician pairs, from the time Kurt Cobain and William S. Burroughs recorded a Christmas album together to the time Bono hacked a Rushdie novel for lyrics. Click through to see a few of our favorites, and let us know if we’ve missed one of yours in the comments. … Read More

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Ranking Musician Tribute Songs from Best to Worst

We were intrigued to hear that Patti Smith’s new record Banga contains a track called “This Is the Girl,” which is apparently a tribute to none other than Amy Winehouse. We haven’t heard the song yet — if you have, do feel free to let us know in the comments whether it’s any good or not — but either way, it’s the latest in a music industry tradition: that of musicians writing songs for their deceased counterparts. Of course, some such songs are more successful than others — and so, here’s a selection that spans the spectrum of good to bad. Guess which end “I’ll Be Missing You” comes at! … Read More

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The Most Profoundly Regrettable Moments in 1990s Musical Fashion

With the inevitable 1990s revival in full swing these days, it’s perhaps a good time to remind ourselves that it can be awfully easy to look back at the past with distinctly rose-colored glasses. Sure, the ’90s gave rise to some definitive musical trends, the influence of which is still felt today — the tail end of acid house, the advent of grunge, the evolution of hip hop into a full-fledged commercial behemoth. It also gave rise to some distinctive musical fashion, as anyone who sports a Cobain-esque flannelette shirt can attest. But lest we forget, much of the decade was also a pretty dark time for both music and musical fashion — so in a lighthearted spirit of reminiscence, here’s a look back at some of the most profoundly dreadful music-related fashion statements of the decade. What did we miss? … Read More

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