Ingenious Graphic Renderings of Quotes from Pixar Movies

Everybody loves Pixar movies (okay, except for those Cars ones), but graphic designer Risa Rodil decided to show her love for the films in a way that puts your Tumblr’d Toy Story GIFs and Facebook’d Up clips to shame: her “Pixar Lettering Series,” which renders inspirational quotes from Pixar films in the graphic style of the movie in question. You’ll find a few of our favorites after the jump; head over to her website or Behance gallery to see them all. … Read More

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Watch a Fake Trailer for ‘Up,’ Directed by Michael Bay

Here’s something depressing: a month after becoming the highest-grossing movie ever in China, Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction… Read More

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10 Bizarre Interiors Inspired by Pop Culture

Vanna Bonta, the space traveling author, award-winning poet, and notable inventor of the lovesuit to promote sex in space and other similarly weightless environments, keenly observed that “popularity is not an indication of quality.” Case in point: Pikachu-inspired cars and engagement photos ala The Phantom Menace. We’re now adding over the top interiors to our growing list of unfortunate achievements by pop culture aficionados the world over. From an exact recreation of the Starship Enterprise’s famous flight deck in a London flat to a baby’s nursery inspired by The Dharma Initiative from Lost, click through to check out some of the most bizarre interiors that take obsession to another level entirely. … Read More

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Breathtaking Photos of Flying Houses

Reader, we think that we’ve finally found something to replace our obsession with tiny houses — at least momentarily. Flying houses! Like Dorothy’s airborne farmhouse in The Wizard of Oz or Carl Fredricksen’s floating Victorian in Up, the buildings in Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses series defy gravity and take to the skies thanks to the magic of Photoshop. That said, most of the dwellings in his manipulated photos aren’t exactly what we’d call cozy. One of them has no windows, while another appears to also house a McDonald’s. And then there’s the one that’s on fire… Still, flying houses! Click through to check them all out now. … Read More

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Awesome Movie-Inspired Nail Art

Okay, okay, so we’ve gotten a little bit obsessed with the whole pop-culture nail art trend in the past few weeks. We’ve run through our nail polish remover stores and our trash cans are filled with Q-tips from attempting pretty tributes to our favorite books, TV shows, and musicians. But that won’t stop us from rounding out our extensive collection with a roundup of nail art odes to what’s arguably the most popular form of entertainment of all — the silver screen. Though the fangirl nail artists out there seem to prefer comedies and animated flicks to interpreting Casablanca on their digits, we still think some of these manis are destined to be classics. Take the big screen to the tiny screen (that’s right, your pinky finger) with some of our favorite film-inspired nail art after the jump. … Read More

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Real-Life 'Up' House to be Home for Cute Movie-Loving Couple

Since popular Pixar film Up hit screens in 2009, there has been more than one homage to its iconic flying house. The best — or at least the most realistic — of these, a house built in Utah to look almost exactly like its animated counterpart, has just been sold to two self-described… Read More

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Pop Culture-Inspired Engagement Photos

Love can make you do some crazy things. And we’re not just talking about what happens when you fall for another person — just look at the legions of Twihards who camped out for days to catch a glimpse of the red carpet at last week’s premiere of Breaking Dawn. But you know what’s even more unpredictable? What will happen you bring two culture vultures with a mutual passion together, and give them free reign to visually celebrate their relationship and their shared obsession. Imaginations run wild, and the resulting photos can range from giggle-inducing to surprisingly touching — and in some cases, they’re a little bit of both. Need pictorial proof? Check out the collection of tradition-bucking engagement shots that we’ve rounded up after the jump. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we thought that this little kid dressed up like Carl Fredricksen from Up was quite possibly the cutest thing that we will ever see. We looked at the jaw-dropping views from the world’s tallest observation deck at the Shanghai World Financial Center. We watched an amazing time-lapse… Read More

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Required Viewing: Films That Will Sate Your Mid-Fall Wanderlust

Stuck in that season between summer and the holidays that breeds stir craziness in even the most balanced of people, it’s easy to feel the pang of wanderlust. But sometimes a living room couch or movie theater is as far as our paychecks and vacation-day allotments will take us. If you’re itching to get out and get lost, these movies, filmed and set in phenomenal locations, will satisfy at least one of your senses and tide you over until you can get away for real. … Read More

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Fake Logos From Fictional Companies on Film and TV

We came across Fauxgo, a new blog by Tymn Armstrong dedicated to chronicling the fictional logos used in television and film, over at Swissmiss, and we’re not ashamed to say that after racing through it we’ve spent a significant amount of time thinking of all of the other “fauxgos” we’ve seen on screen. Logos are one of those things that you often internalize without thinking very much about, but they’re meant to instantly evoke the company they represent on sight, so it’s pleasantly confusing to be faced with a logo you think you don’t recognize but has definite sense-memory associations attached. And it’s even better when those associations revolve around Michael Scott. Click through to see some of our favorite fauxgos, and head over to the site for even more. … Read More

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