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The 10 Most Ludicrous Lines from ‘Vanity Fair’s’ Controversial Jessica Chastain Piece


Late last night, Deadline made some Internet waves by accusing Vanity Fair of pulling a post mildly critical of Jessica Chastain in deference to the Best Actress nominee. The post, which went live on January 25th (just before Oscar voting began), was taken down within 24 hours, and has since been scrubbed from their archives. Deadline’s Nikki Finke assumes a giant conspiracy (of course), but we’re intrigued by VF’s own explanation for the post’s removal: “We took it down because it ran counter to what a number of people at the magazine believed.” Having read the post — written by Deputy Editor Bruce Handy — in its entirety, we’re actually sort of buying that argument. It’s not that Handy’s piece (which Deadline reprints in full) is particularly rude or mean-spirited; it’s that it’s filled with ridiculous arguments and silly assumptions. Here are the ten worst lines.
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