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Fascinating Vintage Photographs of Women With Extremely Long Hair

From the 1950s until the 1980s, Californian photographer Stan Shuttleworth made it his business to photograph women with long hair — really long hair. The photographer, whose work we spotted over at Vintage Everyday, would place ads in the local papers for long-locked models and sell the photos on an “honor system”: that is, he’d send you some photos and if you liked them, you could send him money. Shuttleworth’s photos range from lovely to strange and kind of unsettling — or maybe that’s just us thinking about how dealing with all that hair. Click through for a few of our favorites from the collection, and then head on over to Vintage Everyday to see more of Shuttleworth’s work. … Read More

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Stacey Page’s Absurd and Wonderful Embroidered Portraiture

Beware, folks in vintage photographs: Stacey Page can see the real you. Page, whose work we first spotted over at The Jealous Curator, augments found vintage portraits with wild embroidery, creating new characters out of the (very) old. Of the relationship between the people in the photos and her embroidery, she explains, “It can come from naturally occurring conflicts. One example would be the inner versus outer being. This conflict entails simple observations one might have about themselves regarding fashion, status, ego, and avatar.” Because hey, we’ve all got a fox eating our head somewhere deep inside our souls. Click through to see some of our favorites of Page’s recent work, and then be sure to head on over to her website to check out even more greatness. … Read More

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Adorable Vintage Photos of Kids Reading

We don’t know about you, but many of our most cherished memoires of childhood come from spending an afternoon with a book in hand — and perhaps relatedly, many of our most cherished reading experiences come from childhood. It just seems that everything is so much more captivating when you’re a kid — things are newer, images and characters are more likely to send one off down an endless rabbit hole of imagination, and hey, what else do you have to do with your time? In a fit of nostalgia, we scoured the interwebs for awesome vintage photographs of children reading everything from comic books to newspapers to novels, whether alone or with friends, in school or on the sidewalk. Leaf through our mini collection of vintage photos of kids engaged in our favorite activity after the jump, and if you are so moved, leave your own childhood memoires of reading in the comments. … Read More

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Awesome Vintage Photo Booth Pictures

Awkward pouts, happily glazed-over eyes, giddy couples and grinning friends — these photo booth pictures are just like yours. Only, they’re not. They’re very old. Check out this delightful bunch of vintage photo booth pictures curated by These Americans. From their hand-colored flushed cheeks on crumpled sepia paper to charmingly outdated feathered caps, from their ’30s curls and ’60s eyeliner, from smiling sailors to doe-eyed teenagers — it’s like ruffling through twenty grandmas’ memory chests at once! Go ahead and flip through. … Read More

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Incredibly Disconcerting Vintage Portraits of Ventriloquists and their Dummies

Is there something inherently creepy about a ventriloquist dummy, or is our icky fear of them something we’ve inherited from the fact that every supernatural-based television show ever has had at least one murderous dummy episode? We’re not sure, but we do know that we’re glad we fought through our fear when i09 pointed us toward the fascinating Vintage Ventriloquism Flickr group, a photo set filled with strange, disconcerting, and totally serious portraits of men with their dummies from the heyday of ventriloquism. Click through to see a few of our favorite portraits from the set, but don’t worry — none of these dummies are coming after you tonight. We don’t think. … Read More

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Awkward, Awesome Vintage Dance School Photos

This set of vintage photos dug up by These Americans is transfixing. There’s a perfect awkwardness to them that can only be achieved with a combination of outdated haircuts, enthusiastic amateurism, and… tassel sleeves. Oh, those tassel sleeves. On the flip-side, these kids look like they’re having the best time. Sure, they’re a little rigid and gawky, but they’re confident and smiling and that’s more than we can say for every modern magazine fashion shoot. Also, looking at these decades-old photos probably uncovered from a long-forgotten drawer somewhere, photos that were never intended for mass consumption of the Internet is making us feel a little weird, delightful as they are. Now who’s the awkward one? … Read More

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Fancy Vintage Photos of Young Indian Royals

Pramod Kumar’s new book Posing for Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits explores how the arrival of photography in Indian in 1840 sparked an interesting connection between the country’s traditional miniature artworks and portrait photography. Court painters and patrons were some of the first to latch onto the new medium, favoring Indian rulers and their families as subjects — including the young royals we’ve shared images of past the break, thanks to Retronaut’s recent discovery. The supremely fancy photographs capture the “formality and strictures of court life” imposed upon the mini rulers, emphasizing a youthful ennui. Click through for more vintage gems. … Read More

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Amazing Animated Gifs of Stereograph Photos from 1930s France

A Paris-based photo enthusiast from Reddit had stumbled upon an old working stereograph in a thrift store, complete with a collection of 50 glass-plate photographs depicting life in 1930s France. Stereographs are two shots of the same scene, photographed simultaneously at a hint of a different angle, popping into 3D when viewed at the same time through a special contraption. No, it’s not quite as exciting as the three dimensional wizardry of today’s blockbuster films, but that’s pretty amazing for the 1930s. Hold on to your bonnets! You can see them in 3D without a stereograph in this series of two-frame animated gifs spotted by PetaPixel. Watch as the roadside picnics, lion tamers, and carousel-riding damsels come to life.  … Read More

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Ansel Adams’ Street Photography of 1940s Los Angeles

Ansel Adams was famous for his signature series of landscapes, spindling trees, ominous clouds and cliffs, but he also had bills to pay. He had clients. He had assignments. In the ’40s, Fortune Magazine sent him to document Los Angeles’ aviation industry. He shot workers at a steel plant, but also dawdled around LA a bit, snapping oil rigs and boulevards and friends at bowling tournaments, friends at bars, friends staring off at the Santa Monica coastline. He ultimately decided that “none of the pictures were very good,” and donated the photos to the Los Angeles Public Library. Are they? Ansel Adams Los Angeles exhibit goes on view at LA’s drkrm Gallery on February 18th, but you can take a look at the loot right here, in our gallery, and judge for yourself. From dusty Burbank to bustling Downtown LA… let’s go! … Read More

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Grisly Crime Scene Photography of 1940s New York

Weegee’s lurid photographs of New York City crime scenes would be considered tabloid journalism today. Yet, between 1935 and 1946, the photojournalist carved out a niche for himself — a bloody, grizzly niche. Freelancing for several papers and agencies, Weegee stalked night courts and appeared “on the spot” of New York’s many murders. From violent hold-ups to tragic accidents on 5th Avenue to violence-hungry crowds of gawkers — Weegee shot them all and organized his own photo exhibits. Not even his temporary displacement in Los Angeles as a paparazzi could keep him away from his New York, his business.

Culled from the International Center of Photography‘s extensive archives, the exhibition Weegee: Murder is My Business (organized by ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis) opens tomorrow and runs through September 2nd. Click through to preview a selection of the fascinating photographs on display courtesy of ICP, but you’ve got to head there in person for the environmental recreations of Weegee’s apartment and exhibitions. … Read More

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