The Intake Form: Meet Relaxed-Fit Dance-Rockers All We Are

The Intake Form is Flavorwire’s new questionnaire feature spotlighting emerging musicians worth your time, paired with a premiere. Here, we debut All We Are’s video for “Honey,” off the Liverpool-based trio’s self-titled debut out this week on Domino Records, and talk toast, Wall-E, and “Yaaaas Gaga” with its members, Richard O’Flynn (drums, vocals), Guro Gikling (bass, vocals), Luís Santos (guitar, vocals).  … Read More

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Ingenious Graphic Renderings of Quotes from Pixar Movies

Everybody loves Pixar movies (okay, except for those Cars ones), but graphic designer Risa Rodil decided to show her love for the films in a way that puts your Tumblr’d Toy Story GIFs and Facebook’d Up clips to shame: her “Pixar Lettering Series,” which renders inspirational quotes from Pixar films in the graphic style of the movie in question. You’ll find a few of our favorites after the jump; head over to her website or Behance gallery to see them all. … Read More

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15 More Bizarre Kiddie Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Last year, we may or may not have ruined your childhood with this list 10 Bizarre Kiddie Cartoon Conspiracy Theories. But people are resilient, and the capacity for the denizens of the Internet to churn out more conspiracy theories is endless. So in case your innocence is still intact, we’ve dug up a few more cartoon conspiracy theories to keep you up at night, adding animated films into the mix for good measure. Now, of course, all of these should be taken with a grain of salt — Wild Mass Guessing as they tend to be. Check them out after the jump, and if we missed your favorite, be sure to add it to the collection in the comments. … Read More

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Movie Robots From ‘Metropolis’ to ‘Pacific Rim': An Evolutionary Study

Say what you will about its other flaws — and there’s plenty to say — but Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim (out today in wide release) delivers what it promises: giant goddamn robots fighting giant monsters in the ocean. Gazing upon the magnificence of the film’s enormous machines, it’s easy to marvel at how far moviemakers have come in their onscreen portrayals of mechanical beings. A brief history: … Read More

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Why Colonizing Outer Space Is a Bad Idea: 9 Lessons From Pop Culture

Here’s the ultimate good-bad idea: the Dutch aerospace project is planning to send four humans to Mars in 2023 … and keep them there. Permanently. As of yesterday, 20,000 people had applied for a spot on the mission, and 24 to 40 of the applicants will duke it out on reality TV to be among the first humans to colonize a planet. Clearly, they haven’t seen enough space movies to realize that this is a horrible idea. If these applicants just took the time to watch the following movies and TV shows, they’d surely think twice about hopping into a spaceship. … Read More

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The 10 Greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Couples of All Time

This week, we watched an excellent video about romance in fantasy and science fiction over at io9. Inspired by the idea, we decided to put together our own list of our favorite couples in science fiction and fantasy across formats — from books to television shows to films. These are the geek culture romances that made us swoon, bite our nails, or shed a tear, from destined lovers, to enemies whose passions evolved, to the will-they-or-won’t-they pairs that finally did. As always, keep in mind that these are simply our favorites — so read through the list and add your own in the comments! … Read More

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The Greatest Post-Apocalyptic Romances on Film

Ah, end-of-the-world romances. Nothing like fending off zombies and/or aliens and/or any variation of “infected” humans with the one you love, eh? Who would you want as a partner in post-apocalyptic crime? Your current squeeze? A sexy stranger? Your best friend? Your pet? Went it comes to films with catastrophic settings, the protagonist never seems to be without a trusty, lovable confidante — someone to make a terrible situation a teensy bit better. After the jump, we’ve gathered eight of the greatest couples from post-apocalyptic films. Check ’em out, and hit the comments to let us know who you’d want as your trusty sidekick. … Read More

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15 Fictional Spacecrafts We’d Like to Call Home

Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s first go at sci-fi since his epic cult classic Blade Runner took a genre-defining look at the modern metropolis of the future, hits theaters this Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited. Even though we’re no closer to a world overrun by flying cars and human-like androids, we still fantasize about a day when Venus is a viable getaway option and adorable lifeforms from other planets drop by to chat over a bag of Reese’s Pieces.

To satisfy our insatiable curiosity for all things futuristic, we thought we’d take a look at the interiors of some of the most notable space stations, space hotels, and intergalactic battleships in film and television and ponder the question: could we ever really live in space? If space architecture looks anything like the stunning, luxurious, and playful production design of these decidedly livable spacecrafts, our answer is a definite yes. From the decadent, spacious interiors of The Fifth Element’s Fhloston Paradise Hotel to the well-executed mix of old and new on the creepy Solaris space station, click through to check out the best of livable design in places not on this Earth. Maybe Richard Branson has the right idea after all! … Read More

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On Flavorpill: Events Today in NYC, SF, LA, and CHI

We’re back with your daily reminder of cool events happening tonight across the Flavorpillaverse. If you’d rather have this information delivered straight to your inbox each Tuesday, sign up for our Flavorpill City Guides.

If you’re in New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts a screening of Douglas… Read More

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I.D. Design Review Winners: From Wall-E to Wall Plugs

This week marks the 55th iteration of I.D. magazine’s Annual Design Review, a competition presenting the best and brightest of the past year’s design goodies., from the iconic to the obscure. The jury is comprised of I.D.’s editorial staff along with leading practitioners in the fields of product, furniture, graphic, and environment design. The 2009 winners, also profiled in the July/August issue and shot by photographer Noah Kalina, are on exhibition until August 9 at Material ConneXion near Madison Square Park. After the jump, find our favorite… Read More

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