How Do You Film Characters Smoking Weed? The Makers of ‘High Maintenance,’ ‘Weeds,’ and ‘Getting Doug with High’ Explain

Weed is having a bit of a cultural moment right now. High Maintenance, the web series that turned a delivery service into a peek at Brooklyn yuppie life, just dropped its Vimeo-financed second season; Doug Benson, America’s foremost practitioner of stoner comedy, just released an hour-long special with Netflix called Doug Dynasty (it takes about three seconds before marijuana makes its first appearance, in the form of Benson smoking a bowl); and Broad City is set to return for its second season in January. So if smoking weed, or at least filming people smoking weed, is more popular than ever, how do filmmakers portray it? Is there a weed equivalent of the “booze” Jon Hamm chugs on Mad Men like it’s water — because it is water? … Read More

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“Characters Don’t Have to Be Likable”: A Conversation With ‘You’re the Worst’ Creator Stephen Falk

Throughout the course of its ten-episode first season, FX’s unconventional romantic comedy You’re the Worst has followed the strange, funny, and undeniably twisted relationship of two love-averse narcissists who reluctantly fall for each other while navigating the sketchy fringes of adulthood. With each episode surpassing the last, it became the summer’s best comedy by balancing an unwavering belief in love with its exploration of the more cynical side of romance. Flavorwire spoke to You’re the Worst showrunner Stephen Falk (Weeds, Orange Is the New Black) by phone about likable and unlikable characters, finding humor in serious topics, and what he learned from working with Jenji Kohan.  … Read More

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10 TV Shows to Fill the ‘Breaking Bad’-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

Last night at 10:15 pm was the moment we’d all been dreading: the end of AMC’s Breaking Bad. As we brace ourselves for life in a post-Breaking Bad world (much like Low Winter Sun, we imagine), our Sunday nights seem as lonely as the New Mexico desert. To cheer ourselves — and hopefully you, too — up, we took a temporary leave from mourning to recommend ten television shows that should help fill the Breaking Bad-shaped hole in your… Read More

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25 Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to If You Loved ‘Orange Is the New Black’

We’re still adjusting to the new model of Netflix-produced television, in which a whole season of a TV show is immediately available for anyone with an account to stream. In the case of the recently released and highly acclaimed prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black, we were all for this. Like many others, we devoured the 13 episodes of the first season within a few days and are ready for more. But it’s going to be a while before the next season, and one of the best features of this show was the hunger it instilled in us for more knowledge about both the world of the characters, the actors who play them and the all too real issues that their struggles are based on. We’ve put together a list of things you should definitely check out if you’re jonesing for the next season, from silly sitcoms comedies to harrowing investigative journalism and everything in between. … Read More

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Just Because There’s No Female Tony Soprano Doesn’t Mean TV Can’t Have Great Female Antiheroes

Along with expressions of grief and shock, James Gandolfini’s untimely death prompted many critics to reflect on Tony Soprano, the actor’s defining role. And to the blogosphere’s credit, a solid chunk of that debate has centered not just on what Tony’s influence has changed in the world of television, but also what it hasn’t: since The Sopranos went off the air, audiences have seen a physician Tony (Greg House), a 1960s Tony (Donald Draper, of course), and a politician Tony (Francis Underwood), but we’ve yet to meet a female Tony. The absence of women from television’s current crop of antiheroes has been well noted by everyone from Flavorwire’s own Jason Bailey to The Atlantic’s Akash Nikolas, who offer a host of explanations for why women have yet to receive the Soprano treatment. But the reason there hasn’t been a female Tony Soprano may be that Tony isn’t a fitting template for women antiheroes — and creating convincing ones may require moving beyond The Sopranos, not following in its footsteps. … Read More

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Fantastic Posters Inspired by Your Favorite Premium Cable Shows

Opening this Friday at Brooklyn’s brand new Bottleneck Gallery, More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired By Premium Cable is a group exhibition featuring work that pays homage to some of the best TV series in recent memory, from Lena Dunham’s much-discussed show Girls to some truly excellent dramas that are no longer with us, like Six Feet Under and The Wire. In other words, all of the pieces serve as a nice visual reminder of why you’ve been willing to spring for premium cable for more than a decade now, even at those times when you really, really couldn’t afford it. Preview a few of the works that will be up on display in our slideshow, and head over to Slashfilm for even more great TV-inspired art! … Read More

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TV’s Most Scandalous Suburbs

Not only did last night’s Weeds season premiere kick off in high gear, but the episode served as an excellent re-entry point for fans who checked out after the Botwins left Majestic (née Agrestic) at the end of Season 3 and returned after the onslaught of publicity about the show returning to “its roots” for the final season. We don’t want to give away any plot points from the premiere, which you can now watch for free, but we will say that the openings credits provided a nifty map of the Botwins’ wayward journey back to the burbs set to the familiar “Little Boxes” (a tune we admit was nice to hum again).

Since last night’s episode had us recalling the good ol’ days in Agrestic, we decided to take a look back at the Botwin family’s old stomping ground — the origins of this whole mess — as well as the other suburbs in TV history whose matchy-houses, swimming pools, and family-ready vehicles belied their residents’ dark and twisted lives. Click through for our list, and please don’t hesitate to let us know which pre-fab neighborhoods you would add.  … Read More

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The New Season of ‘Weeds’ Will (Finally) Be the Last Season of ‘Weeds’

Back when Agrestic, California was more than just a pile of ashes, Weeds was one of the best shows on TV. The characters were quirky yet satisfyingly complex, the storylines carefully walked the line between believable and ridiculous, and Celia Hodes was a frenemy villain for the ages. But Weeds stretched on for five more… Read More

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Watch a Supercut of the Year’s Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes

As we recently noted, HBO has become TV’s most reliable source for creepy sex. But while Girls has set a new standard for uncomfortable intercourse, it’s far from the only show — and HBO is hardly the only channel — in the past year whose hookups are making us cringe on a regular basis. HuffPost TV’s new supercut of the 2011-12 season’s most awkward sex scenes proves that this has become a full-on trend; in addition to plenty of Girls moments, we get angry Mad Men sex, gross Weeds sex, that weird swing scene from True Blood, an unsettling snippet from American Horror Story, and a whole lot more. We have only gripe with this video: Where’s Game of Thrones, which is always finding new and alarming ways to gross us out? Watch the clip below, and feel better about your own romantic exploits. … Read More

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Pop-Culture Characters Who Would Make Perfect Couples

When you’re as obsessed with pop culture as we are, you can’t help wondering what would happen if some of your favorite characters could break out of the confines of their individual universes and get to connect. Not that this doesn’t occasionally happen, but it’s not often enough to stop us predicting things like which TV characters would be friends in real life (or literary characters, for that matter). Our latest musing along these lines took us into more romantic territory, as we started to imagine which far-flung pop-culture characters were practically made for each other. In fact, some of them were so obvious, we’re amazed we didn’t make the (love) connection before. Join us as we play matchmaker for everyone from Harry Potter to Sookie Stackhouse, and then let us know what you think the chances are for these star-crossed couples in the comments. … Read More

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