Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits in Mirrors

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to take a dignified self-portrait in the mirror — to arrange your face casually, to half-pose without feeling contrived, to push the button without feeling a bit silly… for us, that is. These are professionals. They spend their days behind the camera, so it’s quite exciting to peek into this intimate moment in their private space, to soak in the details — from the dimples in their face to the patterns of their wallpaper to their camera gear. A demure Diane Arbus in the ’40s, a surreal Weegee in the ’50s, a sexy Helmut Newton in the ’70s — we’re fascinated by these pre-Internet, pre-cliché images from the masters. Here are a few known art photographers and noted photojournalists shooting themselves. OK, now your turn. … Read More

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Grisly Crime Scene Photography of 1940s New York

Weegee’s lurid photographs of New York City crime scenes would be considered tabloid journalism today. Yet, between 1935 and 1946, the photojournalist carved out a niche for himself — a bloody, grizzly niche. Freelancing for several papers and agencies, Weegee stalked night courts and appeared “on the spot” of New York’s many murders. From violent hold-ups to tragic accidents on 5th Avenue to violence-hungry crowds of gawkers — Weegee shot them all and organized his own photo exhibits. Not even his temporary displacement in Los Angeles as a paparazzi could keep him away from his New York, his business.

Culled from the International Center of Photography‘s extensive archives, the exhibition Weegee: Murder is My Business (organized by ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis) opens tomorrow and runs through September 2nd. Click through to preview a selection of the fascinating photographs on display courtesy of ICP, but you’ve got to head there in person for the environmental recreations of Weegee’s apartment and exhibitions. … Read More

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Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Art Exhibits of 2012

If one your New Year’s resolutions was to see more art shows, then you should find this guide quite handy. From east coast to west coast and over the pond, we’re in for an exciting year of ambitious retrospectives and thematic group shows. Explore the seedy underbelly of ’30s and ’40s New York with Weegee’s intense crime scene photography. Take a trip into the intimate dreamworld of female Surrealists. Meet Keith Haring before he was a superstar. Be other people with Cindy Sherman. Here are just some of the exhibits that we’re most looking forward to in 2012. … Read More

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Naked Hollywood: Weegee's Exposed, Twisted Stars and Wannabes

Photojournalist extraordinaire Arthur Fellig aka Weegee earned his fame shooting magnificent, gruesome crime scenes and New York City life of the ’30s and ’40s. In 1947, he relocated to Hollywood, instantly forming a dislike for all things celebrity. He was prolific. He was disdainful. He distorted his paparazzi shot of Marilyn Monroe, turning up her nose into a snout. His shots of crowds at movie premieres echoed his iconic Their First Murder, a photograph of children ravenous for a gawk at a homicide victim. He shot the dream-filled urban landscape, the glitter-smothered aspiring-movie-star go-go dancers, Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes and… Hollywood’s behinds. It was a love-hate kind of fetish.

Before moving back to “civilization” (aka New York City) in 1957, Weegee had amassed quite the zeitgeisty LA oeuvre. Now on view at the … Read More

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