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The 6 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Lykke Li, Lana Del Rey

As much as I secretly love the Pharrell-Johnny Marr-Hans Zimmer salute to Celine Dion, otherwise known as their Amazing Spider-Man 2 song, there’s better stuff for your ears this week. Some options: … Read More

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Where Do Queer Characters Like ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’s’ Gustave Fit Into Wes Anderson’s Sexless Universe?

Spoiler alert: this post discusses major plot points of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Hollywood directors, like brutally stereotyped high school students, tend to fall into two camps: sluts and prudes. The sluts, like Lars von Trier, revel in sex, while the prudes, like Stephen Spielberg, blush and avert their eyes. They prefer to deal with anything — monsters, children, CGI — besides the disorder of adult relationships. … Read More

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Watch Wes Anderson Talk Stefan Zweig at the NYPL

Wes Anderson recently spoke with Paul Holdengräber about Grand Budapest Hotel, and the influence Stefan Zweig’s works had on it,… Read More

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10 Fascinating Fictional Cities in Film

It’s been two years since Wes Anderson’s last film, and we’ve been having serious whimsy withdrawal. The director’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel, invites audiences to a fictional spa town, the Republic of Zubrowka. In typical Anderson fashion, the filmmaker has decked out the European hotel, leaving no detail unturned:

Even the smallest concrete yet imaginary element of Grand Budapest‘s main setting… was fanatically created by Anderson and company, down to its newspaper of record, the Trans-Alpine Yodel, and its pastry of choice, the mouthwatering Courtesan au chocolat, always packaged in the unmistakable pink boxes from Mendl’s Patisserie.

Anderon’s immersive environs remind us of other fictional film locales that transport us to fascinating worlds of wonder and mystery. Here are ten cities, big and small, that stem from the wild imaginations of their creators. … Read More

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20 Old Songs Wes Anderson Gave New Life: A Playlist

Just as Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel finally hits theaters, there comes the news that the exquisite soundtracks for all of his films will be released as a fancy box set by ABCKO Records later this year. This feels like the perfect moment to revisit Anderson’s soundtracks, helmed by his longtime music supervisor Randall Poster and often highlighting gems from the ’60s and ’70s. … Read More

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‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’: This Is What a Wes Anderson Action Movie Looks Like

There is often an element of storytelling in Wes Anderson’s films — The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr. Fox are both framed by the novels (one fictional, one real) they’re adapted from, and Suzie’s books in Moonrise Kingdom are like characters themselves. But the act of telling a story has never been as much the focus of his work as it is in his new picture, The Grand Budapest… Read More

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