LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy Is Helping Brooklyn By Opening a Much-Needed Wine Bar

You know the rare feeling when you talk to that person at the party who emits nonchalant coolness — and you totally connect?… Read More

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The Death of DIY Williamsburg Is Not Your Fault

The Internet: the place where there’s never an opinion too stupid to publish. You could drive yourself insane worrying about every dumb thing that gets said online, but still, occasionally something so arse-clenchingly asinine comes along that it’s nigh on impossible to keep quiet about it. So, here goes: Brooklyn music venue Glasslands announced this week that it’s closing at the end of the year. This, along with the imminent demise of Death by Audio and the fact that 285 Kent is already long gone, means that from 2015 onwards, there will officially be absolutely no reason to go to Williamsburg again. This is sad, certainly — it marks the end of an era, although honestly, the writing has been on the wall for this particular era for at least a decade. … Read More

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When Porn Met Booze: Links You Need To See

Welcome back to Monday, everyone. Our beautiful city of New York is gloomy and hot, so you know it’s going to be a great week! And what better a way to start off a sad, sticky week than with a little booze and a little porn? Luckily Punch wrote a piece about… booze, porn, and the combination thereof. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Darth Vader Visits Snowed-In Hipsters

Here’s one way to spend your snow day: Williamsburg-based photographer Henry Hargreaves took photos around the neighborhood and dropped some Star Wars characters into them; this one featuring Darth Vader is our favorite. Check out more images over on Gothamist.

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. R.J. Reynolds plans to turn Camel cigarette packs into an homage to Williamsburg for the month of January. According to a spokesperson: “We believe that [Williamsburg] represents a lot of the belief of the Camel brand. It helps illustrate the break-free attitude that Camel is about, breaking free to be your own person.” [via… Read More

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Exclusive Q&A: The Architects Rebuilding Domino Sugar in Williamsburg

The Domino Sugar Refinery on the East River waterfront in Williamsburg is a hulking testament to the neighborhood’s industrial past: built in 1884 and shuttered in 2003, the factory site (chock full of “abandoned offices, lunchrooms, science labs, locker rooms and loading bays; floor after floor of vats, boilers and furnaces”) was finally landmarked in 2007. Now, a $1.2 billion redevelopment project has been approved for an eight-month public review phase, aiming to rework the three main buildings as a mixed-use site with a riverside esplanade. After the jump, we discuss affordable housing, bureaucratic red tape, and the iconic Domino Sugar sign with lead architect Rafael Viñoly and team, pairing Domino’s projected future with documentary shots of the abandoned buildings by urban photographers Nathan Kensinger and Jake Dobkin.… Read More

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If Your Neighborhood Was an Item of Clothing…

It has recently come to our attention that AllSaints, a British clothing company, has come out with a shirt design called the “Williamsburg.” International fame at last! We’re not sure how well the shirt fits its namesake — true, it’s a plaid button down, which fits, but no one we know in Williamsburg pays 120 dollars for plaid button downs. Nevertheless it inspired us to look at other sartorial items named after neighborhoods. Some make at least some amount of sense, while others left us scratching our heads, but you tell us — is your neighborhood represented fairly in clothing… Read More

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What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we looked at dead birds killed by our trash. We listened to A-TRAK remix the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We followed the Shepard Fairey drama. We met 50 visionaries. We had a Nintendo flashback. We realized that there’s a Republican rep for almost anything bad. We planned our fall foliage tour. We wondered when the strollers will descend on Williamsburg (and wished that Stephen Elliott had invited us to his pasting party!). We were excited about a public-funded, crowdsourced animated feature film from Aardman and the Tate. And finally, we wished that Jonathan Ames had come over to our house to watch the fake Jonathan Ames on Bored to… Read More

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Exclusive: The Guggenheim Celebrates the Brooklyn Renaissance

Remember when Williamsburg was just a collection of warehouses? Longtime Brooklyn dwellers Sam Brumbaugh and Bronwyn Keenan sure do. Sam Brumbaugh, writer of Goodbye, Goodness, and Bronwyn Keenan, the Guggenheim’s Director of Special Events, recognize how far Brooklyn has come in its artistic development, going so far as to dub it a “renaissance.” To commemorate the borough’s achievements and to celebrate the museum’s 50th anniversary, they’ve co-produced a concert series called “It Came From Brooklyn,” to take place in the famous rotunda, designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd… Read More

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The Wall Street Journal Tackles Skinny Jeans for Men

Certain words should never appear in the same sentence. Like “Wall Street Journal reporter”, “hipster central”, and “skinny jeans”. But it’s too late for apologies now. Ray Smith went to Williamsburg. He pointed at some men in tight pants and used the phrase “skinny on skinny” copious times. And he left. We are all changed for it. After the jump find the video. We’ve asked Flavorpill staffers to weigh in on the tough topic. Please add your own views in the… Read More

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