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25 Great New York Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

Plenty of movies have been set and shot in New York City, the metropolis becoming a character of its own for each film. Part of the excitement of living in New York comes from seeing our city depicted in various ways on screen. It’s also fun to see different sides of the city than the one we know, particularly from decades past when New York looked drastically different. The good news for us is that many of the most important and iconic films set in New York are available to stream on Netflix; here’s a collection of 25 you can watch tonight.… Read More

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13 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Right Now

If you’re dating or married, Valentine’s Day can be a high-stress holiday: figuring out what to get your partner, how much is trying too hard, how much isn’t trying enough, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and whether this really is the right night to bring up that previously unmentioned lovechild. But if you’re, shall we say, between partners, February 14 is a miserable day indeed, an interminable blizzard of flowers and candy and bullshit. Who needs it? So if you’d like to shy away from the syrupy romantic fare typical of Valentine’s Day movie-watching, fear not; here are a baker’s dozen anti-romantic movies for your weekend… Read More

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Woody Allen’s Rambling Response Illuminates Nothing, Inspires Only Exhaustion

All last week, I was actively dreading the release of Woody Allen’s “response.” So much so that I began joking about it, a bit compulsively really, on social media. I said to friends, “I hope I can arrange to be unconscious when it comes out.” I wasn’t even really kidding. One of my first thoughts when I saw the (awful) result was gratitude that it had been published Friday evening, after we had all left work for the day. That meant I had the freedom to mostly abandon the social media ship for a couple of days, and avoid the fallout. … Read More

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Presuming Woody Allen’s Innocence Is Not a Neutral Stance

You hardly need me to tell you that over the weekend, the New York Times columnist Nick Kristof posted a letter from Dylan Farrow on his blog. The letter detailed the abuse she says she suffered at Allen’s hands 20 years ago, and goes on to note that all the context-free accolades that Allen has received in the years since — from both critics and awards shows — have taken a toll on her: … Read More

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Internet Debate Is Never Going to Solve the Case of Woody Allen

It has been about two decades since the collective conversation about Woody Allen shifted from critiques of his creative output to arguments about his personal life. This was partially due to his relationship with and eventual marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his then-longtime girlfriend, Mia Farrow, with whom Allen became intimate while still dating Farrow. The other, more sinister side of the tale is the allegation that he sexually assaulted Dylan, the daughter he adopted with Farrow. Allen’s relationship with Previn had, until last year’s Vanity Fair profile of Farrow brought those allegations back into the public consciousness, long been the major blight on his reputation. But in the months since that piece’s publication, the internet has become the site of another public trial, in which Allen has often been judged guilty of the sexual assault charges by a jury of cultural critics and online commenters. … Read More

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Let’s Judge Woody Allen — And His Golden Globes Tribute — By His Own Standards

As you have perhaps heard, last night Ronan Farrow intervened in the matter of his (nominal) father’s career achievement Golden Globe by tweeting a single line:

… Read More

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