The Mountain Goats Find Wrestling’s Heart In Death With ‘Beat The Champ’

The hardest lesson any wrestling fan learns while growing up isn’t that wrestling is fake; it’s learning that wrestlers are real. The men and women behind the death-defying stunts and gaudy outfits all battle with their own demons — ones that don’t fall within the good guy/bad guy dichotomy like the morality play they perform on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a grotesque injury that awakens the realization in a young fan of pro grappling. Maybe it’s the news that a former wrestler had to enter rehab for a painkiller addiction picked up during his time in the squared circle. Maybe, it’s something much worse and more permanent. Whatever the case, it happens to every wrestling fan, and it happened to John Darnielle. … Read More

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That’s Enough, Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat (real name: Tardar Sauce) has been a Famous Cat On The Internet since 2012, when her picture was uploaded to Reddit. The combination of her underbite and feline dwarfism gives Grumpy Cat the appearance of being, well grumpy. That’s it. That’s the whole schtick. This cat looks displeased with the world around her. Sure, some Grumpy Cat memes were funny enough, but the problem is that they kept — they keep — going. … Read More

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Watch Mr. Belding from ‘Saved by the Bell’ Wrestle

You might think that Dennis Haskins, best know as Saved by the Bell’s bumbling principal, Mr. Belding, is desperately clinging to his last shreds of fame. A few years ago, after it came to light that he was a hit on the celebrity karaoke circuit, he released an album with the cumbersome title Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis Haskins a.k.a. Mr. Belding. For a while now, he’s been campaigning to compete on Dancing With the Stars. And now TMZ has video footage of Haskins (who has also appeared in a web series by WWE wrestler Zack Ryder) hosting a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event called Saved by the Ring Bell, where he also got in on the action. At one point, he apparently “dragged his victim all around the ring and taunted him mercilessly… while a masked man in a pink unitard egged him on.”

Taken to this extreme, Haskins’ behavior suggests to us an alternate theory: It’s performance art! If James Franco can have General Hospital, then Mr. Belding can have pro wrestling. Hey, his career isn’t dead! He was on Mad Men last season! At the very least, he’s still doing a whole lot better than Screech. … Read More

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Coy Photos of Fancy ’80s Wrestlers

We’re not sure if the found photo enthusiast running These Americans found these next to that batch of awesome, awkward vintage dance photos, but it has that same I-don’t-care-I’m-doing-me abandon, perhaps even the same shiny tassels, polyester body suits, and funky shoes. Ah, the ’80s. These anonymous, mostly moustached Memphis wrestlers have some serious style, flair, and confidence. Is that what the trophies are for? See them strut their stuff, flex their muscles, and pose fiercely in tight, glossy costumes. We just don’t know what to look at — the sparkling vests or the fashion mullets. See if you recognize anyone you know in this little photo album. … Read More

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Fascinating Photos of Congolese Wrestlers

There are hundreds of wrestlers in Kinshasa city on the Congo River. In the evening, they lead audiences in motorized parades to the backyards and back streets where their semi-fixed matches begin. Their costumes — from the luchador-esque macho men and mystical spell casters to priests and Spidermen — complement their furious charisma. See the gruff, (mostly) buff, (always) fascinating Congolese Wrestlers, spotted by Nerdcore and shot by Colin Delfosse against the backdrop of developing urban landscape and lush town outskirts. … Read More

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Billy Corgan Founds Pro Wrestling Company

The Great Pumpkin is a big fan of professional wrestling. He talks about it on Twitter, stages elaborate stunts with luchadors at performances in Mexico, and recently released a God-awful 12-minute film about lady wrestlers as the music video for “Owata.” So, friends, is it any wonder that Billy Corgan has taken… Read More

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Patrick Krzyzanowski’s Watercolor Professional Wrestling Tableaux

The gentle, translucent brushstrokes of watercolor painting don’t seem particularly compatible with the loud colors, macho personalities, and flashy choreography of professional wrestling. But the juxtaposition is a provocative one, and it’s part of what makes Patrick Krzyzanowski’s Smell the Blood series so entertaining. The rest of the credit goes to the hilarious tableaux the artist creates. Pro wrestling is certainly theatrical, but the characters in Krzyzanowski’s painting are even more extreme — in one 12 of them line up in a human headlock chain, while another shows a TV reporter trying to interview wrestlers stacked three men high. Chuckle your way through the series after the jump. … Read More

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Awesome Infographic: A Taxonomy of Weird Wrestler Names

Ladies and gentlemen, fighting from the blue corner: a new infographic from Pop Chart Lab, the same people who brought us the Periodic Table of Metal, this time breaking down professional wrestlers’ stage names by theme and semantic relationships, separating the many varietals into five main categories: Animals, Place of Origin,… Read More

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Watch the Smashing Pumpkins' 12-Minute Film about Lady Wrestlers

Over two decades into their career, we thought we had a pretty decent idea of what a Smashing Pumpkins video entailed: Corgan and his band mates du jour in weird get-ups, grimacing or shouting at the camera, with some kind of dark, nighttime and/or celestial backdrop. Well, none of those things appear in the 12-minute clip for “Owata,” a (not particularly recent) single from the band’s epic, 44-song Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project. Instead, we get a short film about two lady wrestlers that chops the song into unrecognizable pieces scattered throughout the video and kicks off with some bro who looks like Guy Fieri telling them that everyone comes to women’s wrestling for “T&A.” The acting is terrible, the story is non-existent, and we suspect that director Robby Starbuck’s mess of a movie is some kind of misguided feminist statement. We never thought we’d be saying this, but the video for “Owata” actually has us longing for Corgan’s Uncle-Fester-in-a-dress-days. … Read More

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