Zachary Quinto

NBC’s ‘The Slap’ Is an Irritating Miniseries Masquerading as a Prestige Drama


Once you get past the title and the simplistic premise touted in the dramatic promos — a man slaps another man’s child — everything about NBC’s The Slap screams “prestige television event!” The eight-episode miniseries, which premieres tonight, follows the chaotic aftermath of a single event. Like most recent prestige dramas, The Slap harps on the darkness that envelops unhappy (and well-off) middle-aged adults with pent-up anger or wandering eyes, as shown through multiple relationships all in different stages. The characters discuss everything from cultural politics to ethical dilemmas. The show boasts an impressive roster of talented actors: Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Thandie Newton. The pilot will be a conversation starter, especially for parents, who will no doubt debate the moral issues behind the titular slap. It sounds intriguing on paper, but in execution The Slap is a messy, condescending, and misguided drama that will do little to help NBC compete with prestige cable offerings.
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