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Fall 2014 Music Preview: 20 Albums to Get Excited About

With the Song of the Summer debate finally fading in the rearview (it was a tie between Iggy and Ariana, right?), it’s time to look ahead to fall’s musical promise. Autumn always feels like a time to get weird, to invest in albums after a sunny singles-filled season.

This fall, we’re… Read More

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The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in August

Summer is generally a pretty fallow period for albums/films/books/etc. (unless you like crushingly expensive blockbusters about murderous robots, in which case knock yourself out). This August is no exception, but happily, there are still enough decent records due out over the next four weeks to make it worth everyone’s while to sit down and thumb through the upcoming release schedules. We’ve done exactly that, so here’s our regular monthly lowdown on the ten albums you need to hear in the month to come, along with a roundup of everything else of note that’s due… Read More

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The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Pixies, Janelle Monáe

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time to look back at the best new music we’ve heard over the last few days. The biggest news this week is definitely the arrival of a new Pixies track, the band’s first in almost a decade, but there’s also plenty of good stuff beyond that — a rocking new Janelle Monáe song, Mark Lanegan covering John Cale, Calexico covering The Replacements, new tracks from David Lynch and Dirty Beaches, and a whole lot more. It’s all streaming for absolutely no money after the jump, so click through and get listening. … Read More

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The Best Things Flavorwire Staffers Did in New York This Year

As another year comes to a close, like everyone else on the Internet, we’ve compiled lists of our favorite films and books and albums. But in an office full of New Yorkers who spend so much time enjoying — and participating in — the cultural life of our city, we would be remiss not to look back on what we actually went out and did this year. Below you’ll find Flavorwire staffers’ favorite NY cultural experiences of 2012, from theater to art to live music to cinema; tell us about yours in the comments. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Here’s the new trailer for Admission, a quirky dramedy in which Paul Rudd plays a typical Paul Rudd character and Tina Fey is basically doing a slight variation on Liz Lemon — not that we’re complaining.

2. In other movie-related news, this first teaser for Mobius — an Inception-esque,… Read More

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10 of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Genuinely Spooky Albums

As mentioned earlier this week in our roundup of albums you need to hear in October, one of our favorite discoveries for the month is the self-titled debut by Brooklyn band ERAAS. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll laden with lots of heavy percussion and spooky atmosphere, we highly recommend checking it out — it’s been on heavy rotation round Flavopill’s way of late. In view of this — and, of course, with Halloween 0n the horizon — we thought we’d round up a selection of some other genuinely spooky records that have been among our favorites over the years. Let us know if there’s anything in your collection that you think twice about playing late at night. … Read More

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10 Indie Musicians Who Would Make Great Pop Stars

Ariel Pink’s new album Mature Themes is out this week, and it’s as strange and idiosyncratic as ever, mixing killer pop songs and curious whimsy in roughly equal measures. Pink’s more pop-tastic moment have always led us to think that somewhere inside him was/is a huge international pop star just waiting to get out. (Whether Pink is inclined to let this inner pop star out is, of course, another matter entirely.) Anyway, either way, hearing Mature Themes got us thinking about other indie types who, in an ideal world, could/should be chart-destroying megastars. The lines are blurrier than ever these days, of course, and there have been plenty of genuine crossover acts drawn from the ranks of the indie world, if that term even means anything in 2012 — M83, Feist, even (whisper it quietly) Bon Iver. Who might be next? Read on. … Read More

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Photo Hightlights from the 2012 Outside Lands Festival

Now in its fifth year, San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival took over Golden Gate Park this past weekend, with a diverse lineup that included everyone from long-established legends like Neil Young and Stevie Wonder to more emerging acts like Tanlines and Zola Jesus. Flavorpill sent photographer Scott Dudelson into the crowded park — which was packed with some 200,000 music fans — to cover the three-day festival for us; click through to see our favorite shots that he captured. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we got sex advice from Aubrey Plaza. We watched one man almost get shot after dressing up as a zombie. Thankfully, nobody’s face was eaten. We witnessed the best and worst moments of the MTV Movie Awards. We gawked at photos of a 40-pound… Read More

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