Which of Amazon’s Comedy Pilots Are Worth Watching?


In a fascinating push to introduce democracy to digital streaming, Amazon has released six children’s show pilots and eight comedy pilots for audiences to watch and nominate for development into a full original series. The response so far has been strong: according to Amazon, the pilots made up 8 out of the 10 most watched instant streaming shows this past weekend. Although the pilots are free and easily accessible, eight 25-minute episodes is quite a lot of viewing for all but the most die-hard television fanatics. Luckily, the Flavorwire staff has watched each pilot and is here to help you decide what to watch and rally around. From cartoons to musical comedy, here’s the rundown on Amazon’s experiment with original programming.

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10 Movies You Never Knew Were Also TV Shows


‘Tis the season for adapting movies into television shows: A&E made a big splash with its Psycho prequel series Bates Motel, NBC has its Hannibal Lecter series Hannibal on deck for an April 4 debut, and Amazon has just announced its order for a pilot episode of Zombieland, based on the 2009 Jesse Eisenberg/Woody Harrelson movie. With all this activity stewing in the movie-to-TV pipeline, let’s not forget one important fact: with only a few exceptions, most TV shows based on motion pictures sink without a trace. Don’t believe us? Here are ten movie-to-TV adaptations that you probably didn’t know …Read More