The Chicago River Turns Green, Obama and Kim Jong-un Impersonators Turn Into Besties: Links You Need to See

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and major cities are bracing for the sartorial eruption of green across their streets and, perhaps more notably, in their bars. (Even the Chicago River went green this weekend.) You can prepare yourself for the various forms of intoxicated revelers you’ll encounter with this video, and use it as a guide to avoid becoming one of them. … Read More

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Watch the Trailer For A&E’s American Remake of ‘The Returned’

The French television show The Returned/Les Revenants, based on the 2004 French film They Came back, available to watch right… Read More

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Don’t Panic: Why Pop Culture Wants You to Freak Out About Ebola and Pandemics

Since the terrifying pandemic known as Ebola is officially in the United States, the news has gotten more and more insane by the hour. A nurse diagnosed with Ebola took a plane flight, and tried on wedding dresses in Ohio. A health care worker (also related to the Dallas case), is now on a Carnival Cruise Ship, officially quarantined. It’s enough to make the average person hearing about Ebola through 24-hour news stations, blogs, and radio, liable to freak out. … Read More

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Syfy’s ‘Town of the Living Dead': A Surprisingly Fun Unscripted Twist on the Zombie Genre

The premiere of Syfy’s Town of the Living Dead, a comedic reality show about a small town’s six-year endeavor to create an independent zombie flick, should signify that we have finally and officially reached Peak Zombie in mass media. (This same network already premiered a new zombie show just a few weeks ago.) Instead, the series takes a unique approach — this is probably the first time the words “zombie” and “reality” have appeared in the same logline — that shows there are still plenty of new ways to tackle a zombie-related narrative. The result is far from perfect, but it’s at least refreshing. … Read More

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Vintage Zombie Movies Come Back From the Dead in ‘Zombies on Film’

The “zombie” is one of our most evocative monsters, one that reflects the fears we have in today’s world: apocalypse and disease. When we make art with zombies, we’re looking those fears right in the face and figuring out whether humanity can survive under impossible odds. In the beautiful new coffee-table book Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema, author Ozzy Inguano examines how zombies have evolved onscreen, from I Walked With a Zombie to Shaun of the Dead. The tome features rare vintage photos and illustrations from all corners of movie zombie culture, and we have a sample of our favorite stills and posters to share. Click through to check them out! … Read More

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The Foreign Graphic Novels Behind 10 Films

The subway suddenly seems like a fun place to be after seeing Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, which arrived in theaters this weekend. His post-apocalyptic nightmare is based on the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige, centered on a group of survivors trapped on a segregated train circling the earth. Hollywood has mined the comic book world for a never-ending series of superhero films, but the foreign graphic novel library is still a relatively new source for filmmakers. We’ve highlighted graphic novels hailing from other countries that became the basis for ten different films — including a few adaptations that might surprise you. … Read More

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Your Guide to Surviving the Baby Boomer Clone Apocalypse

Stop this madness! You might think it’s all very well for some dentist somewhere, who apparently has one of John Lennon’s teeth, to use it to create some sort of clone of the late Beatles bandleader — but this is the thin end of the wedge. Remember Jurassic Park? If this idea isn’t stopped immediately, then we’re looking at something even worse than the end of the world: eternal life for the baby boomers! It starts with one Lennon, but before we know it, there’ll be armies of Jerry Garcias devouring everything before them, and hordes of John Bonhams prowling the streets in search of prey. … Read More

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zombies

Well, it’s Halloween. You know what that means: time to go deep on zombies. Here are some odd facts, culled from around the web, that you might not already have known about them. … Read More

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20 Great Horror Movies You Can Stream Online Right Now

If you’re forgoing the Halloween spectacle this year (one can only handle seeing so many slutty pizza costumes at a party) and opting to curl up at home with a good horror film, we’re here to help. With so many streaming options available, choosing a movie can often take more time than watching the movie itself. (Is there a clinical term for this yet?) We’ve curated 20 of the best fright films online right now, pulling from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube. Most of these movies are free, others are cheap, and all of them are guaranteed to make your Halloween memorable. … Read More

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