The Foreign Graphic Novels Behind 10 Films

The subway suddenly seems like a fun place to be after seeing Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, which arrived in theaters this weekend. His post-apocalyptic nightmare is based on the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige, centered on a group of survivors trapped on a segregated train circling the earth. Hollywood has mined the comic book world for a never-ending series of superhero films, but the foreign graphic novel library is still a relatively new source for filmmakers. We’ve highlighted graphic novels hailing from other countries that became the basis for ten different films — including a few adaptations that might surprise you. … Read More

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Your Guide to Surviving the Baby Boomer Clone Apocalypse

Stop this madness! You might think it’s all very well for some dentist somewhere, who apparently has one of John Lennon’s teeth, to use it to create some sort of clone of the late Beatles bandleader — but this is the thin end of the wedge. Remember Jurassic Park? If this idea isn’t stopped immediately, then we’re looking at something even worse than the end of the world: eternal life for the baby boomers! It starts with one Lennon, but before we know it, there’ll be armies of Jerry Garcias devouring everything before them, and hordes of John Bonhams prowling the streets in search of prey. … Read More

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zombies

Well, it’s Halloween. You know what that means: time to go deep on zombies. Here are some odd facts, culled from around the web, that you might not already have known about them. … Read More

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20 Great Horror Movies You Can Stream Online Right Now

If you’re forgoing the Halloween spectacle this year (one can only handle seeing so many slutty pizza costumes at a party) and opting to curl up at home with a good horror film, we’re here to help. With so many streaming options available, choosing a movie can often take more time than watching the movie itself. (Is there a clinical term for this yet?) We’ve curated 20 of the best fright films online right now, pulling from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube. Most of these movies are free, others are cheap, and all of them are guaranteed to make your Halloween memorable. … Read More

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The Greatest Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen

As Halloween approaches, you’ll be inundated with more spooky stories and fiendish films than you can possibly consume before October 31. However, if you’re looking for a creepy movie to curl up with that doesn’t star a madman named Freddy, Jason, or Michael, we have a solution. These underrated, under-seen, and unusual horror films offer something scary that strays from the norm. You’ll still find supernatural terror, psychopathic killers, and ghastly creatures in our slate of 15, but these original, beautifully photographed stories are refreshingly different from the usual Halloween… Read More

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The Greatest Scream Queens in Horror Cinema

Horror cinema has never shied away from violence, gore, and sex, frequently depicting the genre’s female leads in a misogynistic fashion. Nudity is synonymous with fright flicks, but the women of horror have played a pivotal role in making these movies a success. The scream queen can simply be a victim or a shrieking damsel in distress waiting to be saved by her male co-star, but the role of the scream queen has evolved into something far more complex. In the spirit of the spookiest season of the year, we’ve highlighted 15 of the greatest scream queens of all time — those who fearlessly fought monsters and others whose blood-curdling vocals left a lasting impression. … Read More

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Movies, Books, and Video Games Reimagined As Dr. Seuss Art

We’ve pointed you towards the ingenious work of Dr. Seuss-loving artist DrFaustusAU on a couple of previous occasions, but he’s simply outdone himself with his new Seuss-inspired take on The Evil Dead, titled The Evil Dead Are in My Shed! We were so taken by this one, in fact, that we started poking around the “Seussian Gallery” on his DeviantART site and found several additional mash-ups of Seuss and films, books, and video games. Check out our favorites after the jump. … Read More

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How to Survive a George Romero Zombie Movie

Every genre has a beginning. Edgar Allan Poe is attributed with the first detective story. Bram Stoker translated vampire lore into literature. H.G. Wells sparked interest in the possibilities of time travel. When it comes to the zombie film as we now know it, George A. Romero — who turns 73 today — fathered the fundamental vocabulary of the genre with 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. His contributions to how the walking dead move, kill, and die, have helped propel the zombie to its current wave of widespread popularity.

Not just content to ignite the genre, Romero made five more zombie movies in his career; each film representing a vision of the zombie apocalypse that is uniquely his, and adds up to create an insular Romero universe. In honor of his birthday, we recently marathoned all his living dead movies and noticed consistencies that reveal what would help you survive if you found yourself in a Romero film. Should that ever happen, we’ve gathered together ten tips for you here to ensure you have a long and healthy life in the zombie wasteland. … Read More

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Unexpected and Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Horror Film Photos

We’re never ones to turn down the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of our favorite films. Sometimes the images mess with your mind, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. When we spotted these awesome stills from various horror films on website theager, we had to share them with you. It even inspired us to go digging for a few of our own picks. Check out some hilarious shots of terrifying movie baddies goofing around and other photos that reveal how directors made the spooky magic happen. Skip past the break for more unexpected moments on horror film sets. … Read More

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