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‘New Girl’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: “The Box”

There’s a prerequisite lightness to the way New Girl handles its comedic adult struggles. We’re supposed to take heart in just how hard it is for these characters to grow up, but wow, everyone on this show is dramatically, shockingly bad at being an adult! Their life choices are becoming so poor as to not be all that laughable anymore, and I spent most of last night shaking my head. The results of this episode were almost exclusively damning, and even the characters that didn’t go through any real change seem to be in a worse place than last week. … Read More

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‘New Girl’ Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: “The Captain”

I hate to say it, but I’m so, so bored with Nick and Jess. They are both great characters, but when they get together, I get why the will-they-or-won’t-they trope is so persistent in sitcom relationships. The further we get into this season, the more the increasingly functional Nick and Jess annoy me. But why is it that audiences are so famously turned off by happy couples? Is it because they’re uninteresting? Is it because we’re jealous? Personally, it’s the lack of compelling challenges that frustrates me. Personal growth usually comes from going to extreme places, and if things feel too comfortable, the plot can get really boring, really fast. … Read More

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‘New Girl’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: “Double Date”

Despite its insistent punchiness, despite those twee-as-all-hell opening titles, New Girl is at its best when it’s dark. In a Best of 2012 write-up, The A.V. Club praised showrunner Liz Meriwether’s slightly sadistic plotting: “That she and her writing staff somehow made this great comedy, instead of mournful drama, was the show’s best trick, a laughfest perched on the edge of despair.” Since this season started two weeks ago, I’ve been waiting for the central cast’s overwhelming stupidity to catch up with them, and last night, it did. After a week of nothing really happening, the characters of New Girl are clearly on their way to trouble, and god help me for loving to watch them slip. … Read More

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New Girl Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: “Nerd”

New Girl is at its best when it’s weird. Despite its fluffy exterior, this show’s explorations of adult relationships often go to some pretty uncomfortable places, and it’s riveting to watch how deep everyone can go into their own dramas. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week(end)

Welcome to Flavorwire’s streaming movie guide, in which we help you sift through the scores of movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services to find the best of the recently available, freshly relevant, or soon to expire. We normally run this feature on Mondays, but figured it might be more helpful to you, the reader, in advance of the long Labor Day weekend. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve picked out a few work-related titles, along with great stuff from Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Viggo Mortensen, Zooey Deschanel, Charlize Theron, Mike Birbiglia, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Robert Duvall, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew, and more. Check them out after the jump, and follow the title links to watch them right now. … Read More

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Celebrities’ Punk Rock Selfies From Last Night’s Met Gala

Selfies aren’t just for the layfolk. Even celebrities take them now and again, and last night’s extravagant, punk-themed Met Gala — corresponding with the museum’s latest Costume Institute exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture — was an opportune time for the glitterati to take to social media with pictures of their dresses, hairdos, nails, and other accessories (including friends and other fabulous people). We scoured Instagram and Twitter to bring you the best of last night’s selfies. Take a peek through the images below, including a sufficiently punked-up Madonna sporting tartan and rocking a black bob, a very pink Debbie Harry, Katy Perry’s bling-tastic nails, and Zooey Deschanel’s pretty (if questionably punk) hairdo. Oh and, erm, Alicia Keys in a bathrobe. … Read More

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Zooey Deschanel’s Most Redeeming Moments

A proponent of polka dots, fake eyelashes, and crooning with a ukelele on YouTube, it’s no surprise that Zooey Deschanel quickly became the media’s favorite person to hate. When her critics wrote her off as an indie sex symbol and paragon of cutesy hipsterism, we went along with them without objection. We readily hated her in (500) Days of Summer, for her proximity to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but most of all for her wishy-washy character, Summer. And we tired of seeing Deschanel in sweet-singing girlfriend roles opposite funny men like Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell. And when she did take the lead in the zippy sitcom New Girl, it seemed (at first) that she was just extending the same ditzy doll character we’re so used to seeing her play. Since reading Amanda Hess’ Slate article in defense of the actress, however, we’re beginning to think we’ve been unfair to Zooey. Here, we look back at some of her most redeeming moments. … Read More

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A Selection of Contemporary Cultural Icons on Feminism

Zooey Deschanel’s recent declaration that she is indeed a feminist, Peter Pan collar and all, inspired us to take a look at a few of the different reactions the controversial term has gotten from contemporary cultural icons over the past few years. Here, a selection of famous women on feminism, their comments ranked from our favorites to our, um, less-favorites. Do you agree?… Read More

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20 Photos of Celebrities Exercising Their Right to Vote

Last week — just like us! — celebrities were weathering Hurricane Sandy. Today, they’re doing something else all regular Americans are (or should be) doing: voting. And since we now live in a “pics or it didn’t happen” culture, everyone from Beyoncé to Tim Gunn to Zooey Deschanel is photographing the process. After the jump, we round up Election Day’s best pictures of famous people in the voting booth, filling out their absentee ballots, and decking themselves out in red, white, and blue for the occasion. … Read More

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